A Little Disjointed | This Past Weekend #121


  1. Respect and rest in peace to the dude in the plane , living the American dream while all us bozo's just sit around not even flying

  2. Mental health therapy is the same as massage therapy or prostitution. You didn't come to some enlightenment you just made someone care about your feelings. I remember my mind just spinning afterwards writing in my journal and not really having anything. They make you feel like a genius or something talking about your feelings, no one gives a shit. Unless you're podcaster tier about it.

  3. theo this tpw had me laughing hard! definitely stick to earlier uploads man!

  4. I've been cutting my hair for years…..reason….I just don't give a fuck what people think…..it's my hair.

  5. Whilst listening to that beautiful melody, my head sprouted a mullet

  6. Where's the 10 fools with their thumbs down. Be true to yourself yall this is beautiful adult podcasting magic. Wake up ya idiots.

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