Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 458 w/ Nikki Glaser

Before Nikki Glaser joins Tom Segura and Christina P. as this week’s guest, quite a bit of ground was covered! The mommies look into an interesting interview with a rapper that reveals his very interesting taste in women. How interesting? The mommies discuss their ongoing love for the TLC show “Lost In Transition.” It’s literally their favorite show right now. That discussion leads to Christina wondering which of Tom’s friends would make the best looking woman… Ari Shaffir? Bert Kreischer? Ryan Sickler? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Then two back to back AMAZING phone calls. Tom talks to Damn Long Neck… ON THE PHONE! He tries to instigate a rivalry between this instagrammer and the one and only Crazie Locs! Who do you think will win? Let us know! Then Tom moves on to call him mom, Charo, to find out if she liked Sicario 2. You think she liked it? Oh yeah, she HATES violence. With Charo getting super upset from his stories and a quick cameo from Tom’s dad, Top Dog, this call couldn’t have gone better.

After that, our guest Nikki Glaser swings by to hang with the Main Mommies! Since Nikki just went on Bertcast, of course Bert’s health came up and how troubling his situation is, which leads Nikki to go into her struggles with alcohol addiction in the past. Did you know Nikki and Tom won Fresh Faces in the same year over a decade ago, and that there was someone who didn’t win who went back over seas to completely crush the comedy scene there. Which leads to the question: what does success look like for a standup comedian? The answer changes all the time.

Then we get into Nikki’s love life. Her experience with dating comedians, looking for love, and enjoying some back door action in the bedroom leads to great conversations and amazing stories. Don’t forget to look for her on Comedy Central’s Roast of Bruce Willis or her show on SiriusXM “You Up with Nikki Glaser.”

Also, pony play.


  1. Comedians love to think they're interesting and everyone else is a "square". It's so fucking cunty and… boring.

  2. Love the podcast, obviously. But Christina's shuttering 'sweak' laugh is very annoying, one of many annoying traits she has

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