Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 457

This week is a Main Mommies™ only show! Tom Segura and Christina P. go solo! What did they cover? We discover an interesting lady who takes trips to Amsterdam to preach to sinners. We find out that a word used for a certain herbal medicine is actually kind of offensive, and SURPRISE, Tom is kind of offended by it!

We also find one of Tom’s favorite things, which is saying inappropriate things in front of parents! A mommy sent us a video of a girl who is waking up from anesthesia and reveals a little too much in front of her parents. It’s great. Also, Christina brings up something Tom did and now we have to decide who is the messy champ? Is it Tom who leaves food in the bathroom or Christina who leaves clothes on the floor? They also review Sicario 2, and fall into a discussion about how Hollywood gives leeway to men who let their looks go like Benicio Del Toro, Marlon Brando, and Orson Welles. And all of that leads them to an insane article about successful obese people.

There’s also a fan email that seeks advice from the mommies on how to last longer in bed! What other ways are there to sharpen the knife, we want to hear it! Got any advice for this mommy?

We also got on Damn Long Neck’s radar. We try to start jus a feud between him and Crazie Locs! Does anyone know how to contact him???

We also find out that the lung infection guy has multiple recorded performance, more insight into the world of Tom and Christina’s Starbucks experience, and also a new game is introduced involving the Try It Out guy, the Fremont resident, and the craziest dude ever aired on YMH. Who would you pick? Give us your answer!


  1. Fucking bullshit. He does not say "here" with a Boston accent. It was very clearly an open unrounded "a" vowel sound. As in "man." As in "Hoe a man out."


  2. Pussy fart, QUEEF
    anal queef, FEEF.
    Just like tom and Christine's dog

  3. Trump 2020…… Russian conspiracies have turned insane! Democrats openly calling for war

  4. Definately with tommy bunz on this one
    Fuck – Shit Pig
    Piss – Try It Out Guy
    Beat – Sissy of Freemont

  5. @23:30 ever feel like gen x-er comedians never really nail criticisms of sjw? Maybe it’s bcuz they say stuff like “it’s as bad as the stuff on the far Right.” I think humans want to balance things instinctually but it doesn’t reflect the Right wing biases in all Americans’ traditions

  6. Was waitin' for DJDadMouth to be on the successful obese people website …

    Home here now, no known neurothopy problems, you mommies should try it out.

  7. I was frustrated when people would say “hoe a man out” when mustachio clearly says “I’m home here now”. Keep em high and tight mommies. Barnt kristy is still extra fat, and Tom is clearly the water champ due to the fact that mommy jean turned down a glass of water on classic jeans 01.

  8. when are H3 coming to use the toto washlet?! I can't wait to see Ethan and Hila on the mommycast

  9. stop bullying Bert.
    you guys think its easy to live as a 900lbs man?

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