Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 456 w/ Ari Shaffir

This week, Tom and Christina look into some of their favorite work by Lou Reed which produces some questions: Why did he do this? Does he always have to have a toothpick in his mouth? What’s up with that?

After that, they read some emails from the fans, revealing some interesting perspectives about the Try It Out guy.

Ari Shaffir then joins Tom Segura and Christina P to discuss all sorts of things: what was it like going to a Yeshiva to study to become a rabbi, and then all of a sudden not being into it and telling your family. Ari also fills us in on his new themed hour he’s working for the month-long Edinburgh Festival.

Also, everyone’s genuine concerns arise for Johnny Depp’s spending habits, Bert Kreischer’s eating habits, and some professional mermaids’ life decisions. Plus an amazing prank call with a Jaden Smith sound board.


  1. Please don’t give birth till the twenty first. Baby, you hold out okay. I held out for two weeks. Royalty is born in July and the twenty first is the rarest day to be born in July. Hold out, baby! Don’t be born in the eighteenth! The eighteenth is for pussies! 21! 21!

  2. Ari get your bloody asshole operation already bro. This is ridiculous. My mans walking around with an ass napkin all day, leaving snail trails n shit

  3. I'm not into scatting even slightly. However, Mommy is wrong. Scatting can have an agenda, scatting can go along with a pre done song for sure. So to say its purely formed in that moment is incorrect.

  4. I'm surprised no one has brought up Brewster's Millions which is also racist but probably what Depp is doing. He just had a messy divorce? I bet he has to pay her less if he's bankrupt

  5. Cristina podcast checklist streak continues!
    -mention she's pregnant
    -mention she's eurotrash/eastern block

  6. Hopefully Ari didn’t flip the fuck out on you guys for posting this when it’s not lined up with whatever the fuck he’s trying to promote for himself. Major douche shark.

    Wait I just realized he’s wearing the same shirt from last time. He probably didn’t let them release the second half of the podcast until now hahaha

  7. Articles are written by biased author to biased readers because they will get angry and spread to their friends/colleagues…. They spread more these clickbait articles and advertisers/marketers get what they want….. more eyes on the attached ads.

    Those that aren't easily offended don't share these articles and don't spread "the disease". The Disease??? Being easily offended.

  8. Im into hot black guys that love to fuck and fuck good. Wanna moove in? You can moove in. Piss on me, beat me, try it out there water champ!! Im the sissy of Fremont street, call me!! Try it out.

  9. Hi jeans! Jeans here and I just wanted to let you know that you'd be proud looking at lots of replied to comments on the last TFATK podcast!! I found several other mommies who have also cured their neuropathy problems and erectile dysfunction with some of that sweet, sweet crystal goodness!! Question though… In my last batch of moose. soup I added basil and it was incredible!! Oh yeah the question… Why is Zach such a ball hog?? Also Tell Gari his face pubes are

  10. Lou was quite scary. How goes it mommies. When is little jeans2 due? Love Ari great to see he's not gone to the dark side PS <———–also a Louisville boy. Great to know pops too from the ville. Podcast # 166 i think has the lou reed stuff.

  11. As an 18 wheeler driver, 99% of my pisses are in bottles. When I have time off and go back home, it's weird to piss in toilets.

  12. Jesus can something on YouTube actually be funny and not about social issues that won't matter in 10 years?

  13. Authoritarians on both sides are completely out of their minds. They seek to attack those in their out group and seek praise from those in their communities. Whether it be ultra-conservatives or sjws, they make the world a worse place.


  15. christina … i saw u on morning tv… please place yor mouth around my penis… then i can change yer di-di

  16. I wonder what year it will be when Joe and joe's friends finally realize Ari isn't funny.
    I mean, he is definitely funnier than Joe the wannabe stand-up comedian, but like 4/10 funny, streaky.

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