Vitor Belfort’s been retired 30 days and he’s already planning a comeback?


  1. Rockhold better sleep with his eyes open.. for the demon he fought in the Vitor fight is back

  2. No MMA fighter retires. They just hop over to Bellator to continue entertaining.

    That's why I love Bellator.

  3. Vitor should stay retired, but if he takes the trt again and fights then I will be glad to watch him fight again…

  4. Its the sauce. Trt, GH, whatever cocktail that birthed VITRTOR. Soon as he got out of the UFC, he got back on the good stuff which not only physically help him, but gave him that confidence that he still got some fight left. I cant blame him. I would go on TRT/HGH or whatever PEDs to just have a better quality of life.

  5. Without a doubt if Vitor returns he's going to be juiced to the gills. But given his age, wear and tear on his body and with all the tkoko he has suffered late in his career, will steroids even be enough at this point?

  6. Retired for 27 days haha .. vitor teasing his comeback like heโ€™s been on a legendary win streak and been knocking heads cleans … vitor stay retired bruh better for you

  7. U gotta be a putz to truly believe Vitor was gonna retire. The day after he retired he was spotted at the TRT clinic.

  8. You really need to see my most recent upload before your next fight, Chael. It's imperative to the furthering of your successful cage operations.

  9. Vitor needs to focus on being a dad. He had made more than enough money to be fine. No need to prove anything else anymore.

    Has a hot wife, cool dog, nice house, beautiful kids. But he wants to be shaking and shivering and not be able to talk at the age of 45-50? For what? Its not like he's a musician, he's taking massive shots to the head.

  10. Vitor was fighting in one night tournaments 20 years ago and he still wants to fight. Amazing. Go overseas on the test and crush cans for a couple years. I'll be watching for sure.

  11. Another legend potentially added to the list of the ass kicking tour. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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