Uriah Hall fights best when his back is against the wall.


  1. I have been a ufc-fan for the last 10 years. Its to many unranked fighters and small woman with record of 7-3.
    I know nobody so are looking forward to those fights. I miss the old days, when it was ufc once in a while, and the card always was stalked !!!!! Whats your opinion chael? Sorry about the bad english writing, im norwegian

  2. Hall is a physical and technical specimen – his issue, is hes too nice??? he seems to be a guy that likes to spar and use technique, but not kill a guy! but capable to taking a guys head clean off!

  3. I’d really like to see Chael go to politics after his MMA fighting shelf life has expired.

  4. Uriah Hall’s problem is his inconsistency. One day he’ll beat Mousasi, and the next he’ll lose 3 fights in a row

  5. What do you think of Tito and Chuck using the UFC hall of fame night for promoting their fight? Showed up talked a lot, did the stare down. But like you I said, and chuck did touch on this, there is still no venue or date. Does this seem like a good move to you or is it more of Oscar straying further and further away from the MMA recipe that he knows well?

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