UFC 226 Breakdown – Michael Bisping talks UFC 226 Main Event


  1. 1. Jon Jones
    2. Daniel Cormier
    3. GSP

    *Demetrius Johnson is able to take advantage of a weak division because he wasn’t able to hang at bantamweight

  2. Great commentary as always. Definitely agree with your top 3 picks. Fuck all the salty crybabies who dont want DC to get this big payday with Lesnar, hes earned it.

  3. We'll let you off I guess 😂. Hope you're having a good time in Vegas fella and look forward to the Thursday show. I knew DC would beat Stipe and won good money on him although I thought it would've been through submission.

  4. Congratulations DC and respect for stipe. Stipe took loss like a real man. More than. Brock he deserves a rematch with DC.

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