UFC 226 Breakdown – Michael Bisping talks UFC 226 Main Event

We couldn’t do a full episode for Monday, but don’t fret, the boys will be back THURSDAY for a full episode

For now enjoy this technical breakdown of the UFC 226 Main Event between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier. Plus some thoughts on the post fight antics, what the win means for DC’s legacy and much more!


  1. Congratulations DC and respect for stipe. Stipe took loss like a real man. More than. Brock he deserves a rematch with DC.

  2. We'll let you off I guess 😂. Hope you're having a good time in Vegas fella and look forward to the Thursday show. I knew DC would beat Stipe and won good money on him although I thought it would've been through submission.

  3. Great commentary as always. Definitely agree with your top 3 picks. Fuck all the salty crybabies who dont want DC to get this big payday with Lesnar, hes earned it.

  4. 1. Jon Jones
    2. Daniel Cormier
    3. GSP

    *Demetrius Johnson is able to take advantage of a weak division because he wasn’t able to hang at bantamweight

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