TUF 28: Robert Whittaker vs Kelvin Gastelum


  1. He fought Vitor when he was 10yrs past his prime and already had retirement on his mind so…

  2. Jacare is fighting David Branch im pretty sure (david branch sounds like a porn star name) So weidman might have to fight Costa he did call him out unless the UFC wants to give costa adesanya but if thats the case I don't know who weidman would fight.

  3. Thats funny two ultimate fighter winner who go on multiple weight class and have sucess on both weight class both young that's unbelievable that fight happend just now

  4. That moment when you have more intel than Chael, they said before the last season of TUF that there will be 1 more after dc/stipe and then its over 😉

  5. If Kelvin wins would he be the shortest MW champ in ufc history?

  6. I will be devastated whenever the ultimate fighter finishes as it's the only reality show that I watch. It's my favourite tv show by a long way. The fact Gastelum and Whittaker are the coaches makes it even more exciting. Out of them both I still got Whittaker winning as his style is incredibly awkward for any opponent. The fact Romero can clock him on numerous occasions and still not turn his lights off should worry Gastelum.

  7. I'm a kiwi and obviously a Whittaker fan…however I have followed Gastelum who I just can't find a reason to dislike, actually I been dick riding and singing his praises to my workmates and anyone else who will listen for a while…if Whittaker had to lose I'd be happy it's to Gastelum.

  8. KG was picked last by Chael on TUF now gets to fight for the title that’s pretty awesome

  9. The ultimate fighter has one more season left on contract for fox. So this might just be the last season.

  10. The 185 division is currently dead. Whittaker and romero were the only draws and they’ve already fought twice. Weidman, gastelum, jacare, branch etc… ain’t quite the blockbusters.

  11. always wanted to see Weidman vs Chael fight. I'd give weidman the advantage everywhere but chael finds a way

  12. I sat a few feet away from chael at UFC 226 when he was watching from the ESPN desk. Super nice dude and he signed my buddies poster.

  13. Damn, Kelvin went from winning the Ultimate fighter to coaching at the ultimate fighter to promote his title fight. None but respect.

  14. Chris has to win one more fight to get his title shot, he is 1-3 in his last 4 fights and won vs Gastelum when he was ranked number 8. Kelvin is 4-1 and won vs Tim Kennedy and 3 former champions + he dropped Weidman.

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