The UFC light heavyweight division is a bit of a mess.


  1. what division isn't a mess

    Flyweight – DJ has no one to fight and wont do a super fight
    Bantamweight – actually pretty good
    Featherweight – Max needs to be able to book a fight and make it into the cage
    Lightweight – khabib is not a really champion and conor has once again put a hold on the division even when stripped lol
    Welterweight – we have a champion who's ready to fight and a interim who can fight and no fight has been booked.
    Middleweight – whittaker is not really a champ
    Light heavyweight – fucked just fucked, the most fucked
    Heavyweight – pretty good but you do have a champion who will only defend once

    Strawweight – rose has no one to fight
    Flyweight – the champion is Nicco montano, Who?
    Bantamweight – who does nunes fight
    Featherweight – only 5 curent UFC fighters in the division

  2. did chael just make a right hand turn? i dont know what to believe anymore

  3. Chael, you know DC watches these videos.. he'll stay in lhw just to prove you wrong unless Gus is guaranteed a title fight, he's avoiding that man like the plague.

  4. If I won the lottery I would buy the house beside Chael. What a cool neighbour he would be.

  5. Heavyweight- stipe deserves a rematch but someone who hasn't fought since the stoneage is jumping everyone
    Middleweight- The winner was robbed (yoel) but wouldn'tve had the belt anyways cuz he keeps missing weight
    Welterweight- 2 belts neither person wants to defend em
    Lightweight- champion who beat 11 ranked to win and interim and champions were both stripped
    Feather- the champ has pulled out of 3 fights in 6 months
    Fly- absolutely no comp for champ but refuses to move up

    IN CONCLUSION , the UFC as a whole, is a fucking mess

  6. This whole double champ thing is fucking divisions up. Conor messed up 145 and 155 now DC has 205 looking like a train wreck and the next heavyweight title match is gonna be DC vs Lesnar smfh

  7. Chael, can we get your insight as to why Jones just can't stay clean for a single fight. Like why does he always get busted for something? Hes got the genetic tools to be the best even naturally. Height is not an easy factor to over come. And hes a good athlete all round. So why not fight natural. Why not stay away from trouble outside the ring.

  8. Lol, Chael seems to be really gunning for DC to relinquish the title.

  9. If DC goes down to 205 again I’m gonna go crazy theres no need for that bullshit

  10. I like how some people are pushing this Gustafson fight at LHW. Alexander has fought once a year since 2013, except in 2015 when Anthony rumble put a whooping on him and Cormier beat him but other than that he fights once a year, and he was beat by the top 3 LHW and he's had 2 chances at winning the belt and has lost. Let him be more of an active fighter and then give him his chance. And let's be honest it's a super shallow division with Anthony and Jon jones gone which is why alexander is pushing hard for the fight, but honestly if they were still there alexander would be stuck in 4th and not moving.

  11. DC won’t go to Heavyweight because he will have to fight Cain, that’s why he left the division in the first place!?

  12. Chael you're a mess when you're not talking smack. I dont like the soft smack talking. Give me som hardcore smack talk! I dont care if your a grown man!

  13. I can beat half the bums at 205 right now. The only one that is decent is OSP other than him I'll beat them all

  14. Dc is not coming back. The top 3 guys post dc jonny bones era: gus, dominick Reyes, smith

  15. Chael would never worry us, but the reason he stopped his car was 53 Crips gang members were approaching from the right of the screen.

  16. Every division is a mess! These players are all entitled pussies!

    Conor McGregor took non-title fights as a interim belt holder. He is a beast. He fought anyone. He knew what to do.

    Other fighters should take notes.

  17. Too Many Belts/Divisions, Should only be 3 men belts/Division & 1 women Belt /Divison! Always away to fight size and weight, IF REAL & GOOD FIGHTER

    (If size the big deal, then I guess we only getting big fighters, & OTHER FIGHTERS ARE NOT REAL, LIKE CONOR)

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