The UFC light heavyweight division is a bit of a mess.


  1. Too Many Belts/Divisions, Should only be 3 men belts/Division & 1 women Belt /Divison! Always away to fight size and weight, IF REAL & GOOD FIGHTER

    (If size the big deal, then I guess we only getting big fighters, & OTHER FIGHTERS ARE NOT REAL, LIKE CONOR)

  2. Every division is a mess! These players are all entitled pussies!

    Conor McGregor took non-title fights as a interim belt holder. He is a beast. He fought anyone. He knew what to do.

    Other fighters should take notes.

  3. Chael would never worry us, but the reason he stopped his car was 53 Crips gang members were approaching from the right of the screen.

  4. Dc is not coming back. The top 3 guys post dc jonny bones era: gus, dominick Reyes, smith

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