The Psychology of Brock Lesnar


  1. Problem is honestly chael is so masterful at cutting promos that it makes most look pathetic..chael is honestly the only guy that I've seen lose a lot but he exudes so much confidence that he makes me believe he can beat anybody still.. that's what makes a true competitor a competitor.. that never believe their out of it and can correlate that to life..In myself was a solid wrestler and mma fighter.. chael is a great ambassador and lawyer for our sport.. keep em coming Bad Guy!

  2. Rogan shouldnt give the game away but you should? Your an active fighter Pissing on your own Fedor bit

  3. Chael goes off on Joe for "revealing the business" then goes ahead and reveals the business…I love chael but this is hella hypocritical

  4. "when its good its hollywood….when its bad its WWE" I want this quote tattooed on my forehead.

  5. Yes but we dont want scripted shit. We want to know what a fighter has to say from his own mind,how does he see the world ! Nick Diaz and Conor Mcgregor need to come back.

  6. It’s funny cause Brock isn’t even much of a talker lol. He just is relative to the other fighters because of his intensity

  7. You're wrong Chael.. Even though Cormier doesnt cut the best promos… Brock Lesnar sucks at that aswell. Hes not good on the mic, thats why Paul Heyman does the talking for him. They tried to give Brock a face gimmick where hes on the mic alot, they dropped it cus he sucked.

  8. Chael loves talking about this story it's like the 4th time he's mentioned it already. You're right bro, but ease up on DC a bit lol

  9. I would rather people just be honest and real. Anything even remotely close to that ring interaction is certified WWE shit, boxing does a fine job of promotion without stuff like that. Muay Thai/Kickboxing doesn't really need it because fans just appreciate the sport. People care more about MT fighters being respectful than circus acts. No one would ever want to train with douche bag personalities like that in a gym.

  10. It's crazy how Lesnar could pass all of USADA's drug testing leading up to this fight and yet a lot of you would still accuse him of doping. You see a big, strong guy like that and you immediately get jealous. Hard work and freak genetics get you a long way

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