The MMA Beat: Episode 199


  1. Luke values his own opinion way too much. That was just cringy. I'm embarrassed for him.

  2. Lets forget that Conor committed 3 felonies and wounded people and nothing happened to him legally. The UFC has a personnel conduct policy in place although it isn't strictly followed. If this was just any fighter they probably would get suspended/fined /something by the UFC. What does Conor get? I say that he gets a one year suspension retroactive from his last fight. So he is eligible to train and fight ASAP. What else will the UFC do? They'll give him a title fight in a division where he has only one fight in his UFC career. The UFC also knows that if he wins they will have to make another interim champ at lightweight because Conor will not defend his belt. What the UFC wants is Conor to win the lightweight belt then have Conor fight for the NEW 165lb belt. I say he will fight against GSP. So GSP vs McNuggets for the new 165lb belt. I think part of the ESPN deal was that the UFC creates a 165lb division.

  3. I used to look forward to this show every week. My favorite show on YouTube, cable, or any platform. It's hard to watch anymore

  4. Heard it here first:
    How low will UFC have to go? Sell it to ESPN ASAP!

  5. I laughed so hard through this whole thing. Loved the interactions between the three, informative and hilarious.

  6. So SICK of UFC's GREED, Spur of the moment Rule changes, & lack of RESPECT / EMPATHY / PROFIT SHARING with the Fighters!!! Done with SUPPORTING the UFC Directly… Anybody see a downfall to Pirating ALL events & giving the $$$ DIRECTLY to UFC Fighters thru GoFundMe or similar avenues until I see something change!!!!/???

  7. I don't get why Luke is against a 165 belt when the UFC obviously relies on belts for events.

  8. Ariel ain't gone 5 minutes and Luke's turning it into a Skype show already, what's next Luke's crappy non HD crappy Google stream with choppy sound ???

  9. Luke and Danny are hilarious together, and having Shaun on the panel is perfect.

  10. The answer the interim title question – it is the defacto #1 ranking of the division. Now that being said we have seen the UFC go as low as #13 to fight the title holder (hendo vs bisping). Interim titles, dana's promises, and top ranks do not mean title fight. Hell if woodley was out any longer they might have stripped him despite being super active in 2016-2017

  11. Luke is super hostile towards Danny wtf man let the man go first for once.

  12. Luke is second best .. always will be ..he’s digging a grave for the Beat and MMA hour .. Caesar at ESPN , Danny go to a temp service and get a job .. answering phones

  13. Respect Mr. Thomas for dropping that duck down record reference. RIP Sean P.

  14. Poor Danny. He's just over there like "I'm not crying. You're crying!" Lol I hope Luke at least got him a beer.

  15. 7 years prison would be the legal Penalty?? For a Dolly threw a Parked Bus Window??????? GTFOH!!!….. Smh

  16. I don't think Woodley/Covington is a particularly bigger/better fight than Woodley/Till, both will barely register. I think most fans are just tired of Woodley and his fights.

  17. Luke has definitely grown on me. At first dude rubbed me the wrong way, but now I really enjoy listening to him, and the gang.

  18. What the hell is forehead Al-Shatti talking about?? “Woodley and Till can be boring like Woodley and Wonderboy”. Yeah and Wonderboy and Till weren’t. TWood can’t get no respect

  19. After Cormier retires he should become the new face/promoter of the UFC. Let Dana handle stuff behind the scenes. Cormier(Dana Black?) understands promotion as well as anyone other than Conor & Chael. Watch UFC 220 presser when he promoted the HW title fight way better than Dana. Hyped up both Stipe & Ngannou as unbeatable. He's more enthusiastic than Dana & more well spoken. Also doesnt have the PED & legal baggage that Chael & Conor do. Plus he is the GOAT, for now.

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