The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 379


  1. Brendan missed the point on Cernovich, he did it to backlash democrats on their outrage parade

  2. The driver of the car shot Kennedy, she was trying to escape. Hahahaha grabbing brain!?!? Love you guys

  3. Why yoo guys always talking about dicks .? Everybody knows callen is part of the sick Hollywood illuminati twisted transgender balphamet pizzagate clan .. and now it looks like branden sold out . Oh branden how could yoo turn your bakc on rightgesnous . Feel sorry for yoo bro .. Yoo didn't need callen that pie#& o# s#!×

  4. Jackie Kennedy was just in complete shock, she probably didn't even know what she was doing.

  5. It was nice to hear a polish word "kiełbasa" in this podcast, especially in this context 😀

    Greetings from Poland 🙂

  6. Brendan Shaun I enjoy your podcast I listen to most of the below the belts. The shooting you guys were discussing was horrific and disgusting, with that being said any one who is able bodied and parks in a handicap space because your just gonna be in the store for a minute is a complete dick head and asshole and no most people don't think that is acceptable. I think your probably an alright guy but that comment you made made me cringe I was disappointed to here you say that so casually. I worked for an amputee for 5 years and my grandmother has been in a wheelchair for almost a decade. Circle a parking lot when taking my grandmother shopping and finally seeing someone stroll back out who clearly is using someone else's placard or just parked without one because their dumb thirty year old ass is to fuckin lazy to walk an extra 100 feet or worst of all waiting half an hour for someone to return the power chair at a grocery store and then it's high school or college kids laughing about how funny it was that they drove the scooter and didn't need it. I'm a nice guy not a hot head but when I see stuff like that I want to beat those inconsiderate cunts ass's people that do that don't think about anyone but themselves I certainly hope you reevaluate your stance on just parking in a spot for a minute that really helps elderly people. I know this want matter to you but lost a lot of respect for you during that segment I hope you can learn to respect elderly and disabled people enough in the future to not be a complete tool.
    Sincerely, Dissapointed Listener.

  7. You guys are so far off track with Jackie Kennedy. She was so badass in that car. Might want to look into it better. Plenty of interviews about it and there are no doubts about what Jackie did. The conspiracy is about who shot kennedy and who was involved you wombats. Love the show. Peace out.

  8. Schaub could NOT pronouce names & words correctly to save his life. He wants to come across as an intelligent person but comes up SHORT.

  9. Don't worry B you have great maturity and patience having to deal with kindergartens and having come from the laborious, "great pretender Rogan
    Schaub is the quintessential meathead it's not funny….only in America!!

  10. Look at Conor McGregor's family picture where he's with his wife and holding his baby boy

  11. Till fought his last fight perfectly! He had a rough weight cut due ti unforeseen circumstances. He'll be fine n like I said he'll be champ before the end of 2018!

  12. Way bigger PPV? Colby vs an adopted Brazilian won't be bigger. Get the fuck outta here!!!

  13. Jackie Kennedy was reaching out to Pull the Secret Service guy up onto the car because the driver had started to accelerate to get out of the situation. Jesus Chin have you never watch any of the documentaries on his assassination?

  14. Anyone happen to know what kinda grapefruit beer they mentioned is called?

  15. For the record Peterson is basically the idea of a intellectual for meatheads. He’s essentially a glorified psychologist who made his name misrepresenting leftist positions & arguing with college kids. He’s basically the next Sam Harris. By that I mean he will probably be selling racist science soon enough. Don’t @ me. Sam has been selling racist debunked science with some old guy named Charles something I forget. Look it up before you start crying at me. I’m a fan but be real, Brendan is clueless, & Bryan thinks people jumping out of iPhone factories is fine as long as China makes money.

  16. The @ufc wants a champion that has star power and one that will fight more often. They are banking on @darrentill2 to win this fight

  17. @7:52 noticed schaub didn't mention Minotauro Nogueira when he was spouting off about "dad bods"… beat the fuck outta Brendan. also didn't mention Roy Nelson who gave Brendan his trademark speech impediment and lazy eye.

  18. I'm sure Brenda will stay with this diet for longer than 3 weeks. It not like he changed 17 diets in a year

  19. Whos the billionaire Joe guy they are talking about? Anyone know who hes talking about

  20. Shout out to the guy who thought my wife was in danger from me lololol what an amazing night

  21. If I didn't know better, I might think these two just complained about Cernovich outing a pedophile.

  22. guess he learned not to bring a fist to a gun fight, why did he push him tho?

  23. Brendan the type of guy to wear Neapolitan pink flare tye dye t shirts with ninja turtle green Jordan sneakers.

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