The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 375


  1. how is it possible chin is so terrible at his job !?! HOWW!?! throughout the whole goddamn show as bryan and shaub are talking you should have google already pulled up to assist in the content they are putting out, and why is google so hard chin ??! every conversation they have just google the KEYWORDS OF WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!! absolutely mind blowing

  2. I gotta admit, personally I only enjoy the current events section of the podcasts, not sure if it’s their chemistry or the fact that I just can’t watch Brendan anymore but this show is getting old.

  3. Go cabin or camp out in Yosemite national park. You'll love it and never want to go back to the rat race in so cal

  4. Brendon thinks he's so smart lol. Gotti was a murderer his kid was accidentally hit sad situation but the neighbor was terrified he didn't talk shit to the mom. You think Gotti gave him a pass you're dumber than I thought he just waited a few months to take care of business

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