The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 375


  1. He was worth $16m . $1,2m is only what he had in assets in his checking and a single brokerage account. He had assets held in trust and real estate.

  2. Love these two but its annoying when american comedians say we have the greatest comedians rogan says it loads to, admitted they have very good ones but some british are equally as good, just you have the hollywood machine behind your promotion , thats why universal have started producing so many British comedians specials in the past few years , love to school these on british culture , need to show them the football reactions from england loved that last week

  3. Guys. Please do your mob research before stating "facts"…
    Cosa Nostra was never against drugs. Period.
    Ever since the 50s they were heavily involved in especially Heroin. Just do your homework on guys like Joe Bonanno, Carmine Galante, and even Lucky Luciano.. He started his career as a drug dealer..
    The french connection in the 60s and 70s, The Pizza connection case a few years later etc etc etc was all mob operations to supply America with heroin.

    When The Godfather was produced the mob still had some power over actors unions and other unions and the mob demanded two things: Portray us as if we oppose drugs (genius pr strategy to this day)…
    Also note that in the whole movie the world Mafia or Cosa Nostra is NEVER mentioned. This was also a condition from the mob or there would have been no movie..

  4. Hey Brian… Brendon is right next to you… The mic is right next to your face… So you don't need to scream at all of us when you "talk"!

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