The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 375


  1. i swear this show is Brendan talking to himself, Bryan talks but Schaub's not listening, cuts him off and keeps going. but Callen's not listening either, waiting to start his next story. what a dynamic.

  2. Im into hot black guys that love to fuck and fuck good. Wanna moove in? You can moove in. Piss on me, beat me, try it out there water champ!! Im the sissy of Fremont street, call me!! Try it out.

  3. Welcome to the Bryan Callen and over opinionated friend of Joe Rogan who owes Joe EVERY PENNY and is not as funny as Will Sasso, not even cclos show… Clearly bias and hates Will because he's jealous and faked it until you made it! Im not hating but… But Bro besides you only being correct 20% of the time in MMA, I was a fan but you've twisted your huge head SOOOOO far up your own ass that you've become more annoying than entertaining… Yes this is my opinion but one day dude I promise you will hit a huge LOW. Save your money buddy because let's be honest, you're not famous because because of your own substance. You need sleep, bud. I know you know what Im saying is real. I'll respect you again when you're rehumbled… You were awsome without this new ego of yours. When you were nervous and learning you had substance but you've over done it and because overly confident from the compliments. There's not hate here… I just hope you dont fall as hard as your ego has grown.. Best wishes, big guy. Just remember where you were a year ago…Becauae all my friends have quit listening…Many people cringe. Many people wish you the best, but even more people say, "Fuck that guy."

  4. F-U… Kid!! We stand for the flag and you shit on it with your comments on our National Treasures! 🇺🇸


  5. ..and where the fvk did the other intern girl go. she goes, but Chen stays? she could at least google properly. its like they keep Chen 'cause they have heart and feel bad for him being so lame.

  6. The Lions leaving the poachers shoes made my day! they where probably yeezy's

  7. Hey TFATK quit deleting my comment. Gets the most likes because ITS REAL SHIT AND YOU GUY ON THE RIGHT HAS THE LARGEST EGO IN THE WORLD

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