The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 374: 4th of July Special


  1. So I went to get my tickets to see Brendan in Dallas and decided to go VIP because it still wouldn't make a DDDDDDDDDDDDDDent..

  2. Record year for the UFC?? But Brendan, you’re always talking about how bad the UFC is doing… Conor didn’t even fight last year…

  3. you guys need to settle down about the guy interviewing sammy and how he's doing it because he's never worked as hard… having big muscles and a career as an athlete does not mean you've put in more work at your profession than any intellectual just because they don't have big muscles.

    answer me this, who has put in more work, sammy sosa or elon musk? it's not even close, elon did more work by 30 than sammy has done his entire life and it was harder work too, we know this because elon is basically tony stark, but a lot of guys just like him have worked harder and longer and excelled at what they do just like sammy and you're acting like they aren't allowed to question him because he was a professional athlete. i get it from brewdawn schwewb because he's a meathead, but bryan should have called him on that.

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