The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 374: 4th of July Special


  1. this is why brenans a fag, bryan just called him out for being a liberal and then brendan mentions how bryans outfit doesn't fit the holiday, I know this isn't a liberal situation, but brendan is always doing things that he thinks fit the social norm, who cares what day it is, wear whatever you want, the people that care about how they look, are gay, idk how much pussy your fuck, you're a fag

  2. i bet bryan would have fucked that 19 year old boxer with one arm, I mean, look at him

  3. anytime it's someone they know they're so impressed by physiques but anyone else is on steroids, I'm sure they're all on steroids but call a spade a spade when it comes to their 50+ year old friends on steroids calling girls fake for lip injections

  4. So much wrong with tough guys. You could 'spar' that dude with herpes and hepatitis, like a real man, or just play fisticuffs with healthy athletes like everyone else. Maybe your art is too safe. Maybe there is no art in the real world. Take a risk. Try it out.

  5. Bring up G Eazy on this podcast one more time Chin and I promise I’ll send a dead kitten to your apartment

  6. Bruhhhh. why does Brendan call bryan out for being a "white man" even tho Brendan is a bitch when he admits himself to being half Mexican.. BITCH u look Mexican be proud u egotistical bitch. U look and sound Mexican.. so quit acting like u white cuz u Look and Sound Mexican dumbass and u know. Shit im mexican and fluent in writing and hearing in spanish and yet i dnt speak it as good but im still proud in being Full Mexican. Brendan U A Bitch. U being in UFC dont mean shit cuz u aint even try hard otherwise you'd be in it rn quit leeching off Bryan u fake comedian… u a people person

  7. As a Human I Love these two, As someone as tall as Brendan I’d be just as crammed into that chair
    As an Autistic Person I don’t believe a word b-ry says,
    And as Someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder I’m Loving Everything On That table facing the same way.😁

  8. Brendan Schaub is the conversation strangler steve and bit killer jones of podcasts. Dude just kills normal conversations with constant interruptions that its frustrating.

  9. Id like Callen to get on steroids and look like third Fertitta brother.

  10. Sometimes these guys are hilarious other times i want to punch brian in the face and see brownboy in a gimp suit

  11. Callen you're too smart to not critically evaluate who you're getting the steroid info on.

    Steroids make you much stronger, leaner, with more lean mass ceteris paribus. You will be stronger than you would be otherwise no matter what. It makes training easier for the same amount, but the primary effect is that you get stronger with more lean mass and less fat.

  12. No idea how our hero Bryan kept a straight face while mistakingly calling the NAACP the NCAA not once but twice during the drippn knowledge segment.

  13. Brendan pls STOP talking about soccer that u don't know sh*t about! You can't even name 5 players in world cup, Also Croatia middlefield is probably 1 of the best if not the best

  14. you guys need to settle down about the guy interviewing sammy and how he's doing it because he's never worked as hard… having big muscles and a career as an athlete does not mean you've put in more work at your profession than any intellectual just because they don't have big muscles.

    answer me this, who has put in more work, sammy sosa or elon musk? it's not even close, elon did more work by 30 than sammy has done his entire life and it was harder work too, we know this because elon is basically tony stark, but a lot of guys just like him have worked harder and longer and excelled at what they do just like sammy and you're acting like they aren't allowed to question him because he was a professional athlete. i get it from brewdawn schwewb because he's a meathead, but bryan should have called him on that.

  15. Record year for the UFC?? But Brendan, you’re always talking about how bad the UFC is doing… Conor didn’t even fight last year…

  16. So I went to get my tickets to see Brendan in Dallas and decided to go VIP because it still wouldn't make a DDDDDDDDDDDDDDent..

  17. brendans jeans lookin like a pair of overstuffed saugages.

    gotta poke em and let the grease out

  18. 31:23 wtf brendan why that long ass gay bit about putting your meat on his grill.. Christ that when on so long i started to get annoyed

  19. Brandon trying so hard to be like D'Elia, it's just sad. He has no personality of his own. Other than being a complete douche.

  20. Fuck yea if they asked me to take a couple of pills to hit harder and recover faster and prolong your career, hell yes. If you play baseball every single day you will feel sore as fuck straight up, arms ,shoulder and knees as well as your back from torque on your hips from hitting.

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