The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 374: 4th of July Special


  1. Fuck yea if they asked me to take a couple of pills to hit harder and recover faster and prolong your career, hell yes. If you play baseball every single day you will feel sore as fuck straight up, arms ,shoulder and knees as well as your back from torque on your hips from hitting.

  2. Brandon trying so hard to be like D'Elia, it's just sad. He has no personality of his own. Other than being a complete douche.

  3. 31:23 wtf brendan why that long ass gay bit about putting your meat on his grill.. Christ that when on so long i started to get annoyed

  4. brendans jeans lookin like a pair of overstuffed saugages.

    gotta poke em and let the grease out

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