The Fallout Between Anthony Joshua & Deontay Wilder | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Brendan discusses his latest interview with WBC Heavyweight Champ Deontay Wilder and how the mega fight fell apart.

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  1. April 2019 is waiting for Wilder if i was Aj and wanted to duck him i would not offer 15 mill id say "Wilder whats your biggest cheque (lets say its 4 mill) id say ill double your biggest purse to 8 mill" then all the usa fans can say he worth more he deserves 40% etc. So then Aj could say well thats double his pay im not offering no more duck complete see what i mean instead he offer 15 mill case closed 😈

  2. Deontay Wilder did everything he could possibly do to make this fight happen as a fucking fighter AJ you looking real pussy right now and then the next fight you're going to fight it's nowhere near them when you could have made you are scary and your promoter is trash you got to get rid of that guy man I used to have so much respect for AJ such a pussy

  3. Crazy how EVERYBODY is coming out and saying this and AJ fans is still trying argue the opposite 😂 even AJ not happy about it so most of you must be Eddie Hearn fans

  4. Brendan is been paid by deontay to speak in favour of him……he only speaks in favour of him… speak to both camp and get the real gist, a coin has two faces get that…….your fake

  5. Brendan doesn't address the points Hearn has made. One, contract still on the table for fight in April, so why doesn't Wilder sign? Two, If Wilder wants it so bad why has he again gone back to demanding 50/50 split knowing that means fight won't happen?

  6. Reports say hearn set the date for the same day as canelo ggg. Also in the contracts, if wilder wins he has to rematch, but if Joshua wins he doesnt have to rematch. Idk what's true, but u cant assume wilder not signing a contract means he was scared.

  7. The Joshua fan boys are embaressing on here. Joshua a class fighter and our champion ut Eddie Hearn has orchestrated this he never wanted the fight till April

  8. You're so biased, you're embarrassing yourself Schaub. Jesus man just stop. I think Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and the Mayweather boxing gym know a thing or two about boxing and they have AJ picked to beat Wilder… But I guess Joseph Parker knows more than those guys?.. you don't think he's a bit salty cause he just lost to AJ? Come on man

  9. ALL you stupid fucking UK fans need to go back to “football” and darts. You people are fucking idiots

  10. It's Hearn it comes down to Hearn apparently gave them contract blank saying that it will happen in April 2019

  11. Schaub don't comment on things you don't know .Its for your best interest.Because on this your knowledge is lacking .

  12. If he wants it so bad. WHY DIDNT HE SIGN! looool he could have made 7x his biggest payday…still can, so pipe down ans got talk to your boy

  13. Joshua makes 20-30 mill flat no matter who he fights not including sponsors. He made 20+ mill fighting Parker to say Joshua needs Wilder is stupid Joshua has made 15x more then Wilder in half the fights how is it Joshua and Wlad.K happened so easy yet Wilder promoter even came out and pretty much said we dont want to fight Wlad 30 fights into Wilders pro career.

    Not to mention Wlad.K knocked Wilder clean out in sparring multiple times prior.

    Im also sorry but Wilder is pricing himself out Brendan this video makes you look stupid Wilder demanding 50/50 is beyond stupid.

    Wilder has a contract with a guarantee 15 mill but wont sign it something tells me hes waiting for Joshua to beat Povetkin and then that makes the fight bigger what makes Wilder able to say well the fights bigger how about 20 mill instead of that 15 in the contract.

  14. Took too many hits to the head Brendan, get yourself checked out. Then when you're brain is functioning correctly ask yourself why wilder didnt sign his contract

  15. Your showtimes mouth piece for wilder. Eddie Hearn has came out with facts. Where is the bullshit in what he is saying. You are saying eddie is lying so what statement did he say that was a lie. Your super reliable sources is your pay masters telling you what to say.

  16. Ok Brendern im a fan of yours you do great work lets say Aj team at fault for this years fight falling trough. What about April 2019 at Wembley Ed said its there on the table to sign Aj wants it then so do you think Wilder should sign or is Aj still at fault in yours book. For me the ball in his court now forgot this year shit happens im talking about What is do able now

  17. Wilder thirsty? Are u serious ? Who’s door has he been banging down before besides the doorman and binmen he’s faced #BumSquad

  18. Why don't you talk to Joshua first, before voicing out your opinion, cause you may be 95 percent wrong with what you said, you don't judge a case from one person's mouth,your honor sir?

  19. Wilder is biggest bullshitter out there he’s looking for the big payday and Joshua’s already earned big money and isn’t scared to fight anyone as he has already proved. Tyson fury has called wilder out and wilder scared of that one. It would be as big if not bigger so where’s wilders big mouth now?

  20. This guy has been hanging around wilder to much that he even talks shit like him smh

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