The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #599 – Kate Quigley


  1. The funny thing is that Kate is so mendacious, that the person she hurts the most is herself by lying about the reality of her situation. For people like her, the only cure is time. Even Joey calls her on her bullshit and he never does it to his guests.

  2. “I can get people to pay me $80 to suck Lees dick at a truck stop” Joey Diaz is a LEGEND!

  3. Jesus, chill with the plastic surgery bitch, you used to be a solid 6, now you're a 4 at best…🤔😥

  4. Jesus, Lee is such an annoying, unfunny, overall talentless, fat piece of shit. Stop letting that unbearable cunt totally ruin the entire vibe of the podcast. Does Joey realize how irritating that useless bastard Lee is, or is he stuck with him since it was his idea for the podcast? (Either way he needs to dump him, Lee syatt is dragging this podcast down more than anyone else could, his disgusting, random giggles ruin anything that's being said. Wow, what a worthless piece of shit…

  5. Joey talks like he’s an Adonis. Jui jitsu, working out etc. Meanwhile he’s sat there like Barron green back from danger mouse

  6. I agree with everybody saying the updated studio is, as you'd say, is TREMENDOUS. Te amo Tio, the Church has given me incredible insight into a community and entertainment industry I've grown up fascinated by. Keep doing what you're doing, true Church fans agree your wisdom and Lee's antics are imperative to maintaining sanity amongst all the knuckle draggers. Keep feeding him those expired Cheeba Chews… We love watching him squirm apparently…

  7. Listen to me you fucks here in the comments the new camera angles are great. Makes the podcast more personal when Joey and the guests are face to face

  8. Joey “She was 60 with an ass of a 30 year old” Diaz

  9. This chic is old and wack. Trying to get guys attention by talking about fucking. HACK

  10. i fingered a girl on a greyhound bus.. shit was wet as hell! i wanted to fuck so bad

  11. She’s built like a decapitated holocaust victim with a Barbie doll head stabbed into its headless trunk.

    She is incredibly unfunny. Her next career avenue could be as a vixen of the Softcore porn, German Goo girls.

  12. A packed bowl of reefer and a new episode of the church?you already know cocksuckas😎

  13. Shame she changed her face so much. Love ya Joey and co. Much respect and love from Australia.

  14. Either Kate fucked her face up or this angle revealed the devil. But either way now I gotta throw two bags over her head when I stuff her muffler.

  15. This studio setup is not great – the guest always looks in the dark from the side view.

  16. 6:38
    Smoothies are awesome. i rely on them for work. But iv noticed it lacks a crucial element. Chewing.
    Wholistic oldschool digestion?
    I dunno. Makes sense. Blending everything isnt necessarily perfect i guess.

    So i still rock smoothies b4 sunrise.
    I started to munch on fucken muesli cunts, yeh boy.
    sultanas, apricots chewy shit too.
    Now what?🤨
    Huh cunt??

    Now what?! 😉💪🖕

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