SOUND OFF 556 talks Extreme Rules fallout and one idea for Kevin Owens… thoughts on Hulk Hogan’s reinstatement into the WWE Hall of Fame, the disastrous approach they took to his backstage meeting with the talent in Pittsburgh and both New Day and Titus O’Neil give their thoughts on Hogan being back… Jerry Lawler claims Howard Finkel is in very poor health… reviewing SIX MATCHES FROM THE G1 CLIMAX and why Toru Yano has been the highlight of the tournament so far…

Stephanie McMahon to make a HISTORIC announcement on Raw Monday night and what it likely is… a wrestling match and ejaculating pigs on this week’s LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA review… why Bobby Lashley’s win over Roman Reigns may yet be rendered meaningless… Sasha Banks professes her love for Bayley… Randy Orton violently attacks Jeff Hardy on Smackdown… a MAJOR NXT SPOILER shakes things up heading into Brooklyn… Vibora has a breakout performance on Lucha Underground… Wiz Khalifa thinks you may be gay if you eat bananas… did Shawn Michaels have the best match at every Wrestlemania in which he performed from 1993 onward?… and why movie and TV villains make for the most compelling characters.

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