Monday Morning Analyst: Jimmy Smith Recaps Bellator 201 & Breaks Down UFC 226, TUF 27 Finale


  1. This was fantastic, and I think a more technical interview suits Luke really well. I'd love to see Jimmy with Luke on a regular basis.

  2. LOL this whole outfit is done without Helwani unless they find someone that the people like to be their next big voice. I have used my downvote button more than ever since Ariel left T_T

  3. I don't think Luke is good for this platform. Luke is a great guy, but you can tell when someone is a people person. There's something about his tone that's too much, it's not very inviting. When you listen to Ariel it's like listening to a friend. This show needs to figure it out or it will continue to go down hill.

  4. Brian Ortega is a steroid cheater. In his ufc debut he got caught using drostanolone / Masteron. Never forget that folks.

  5. I never thought I would say this but I am going to miss Luke's shady slides 😀

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