Max Holloway and his coaches deserve a lot of credit.


  1. Max is a stud! It was clear when he was speaking to bisping that he was suffering! Health of the fighters is the most important thing!

  2. I’m sure it was justified but good God this guy pulls out a lot. He’s young and has already had multiple health issues. He needs to move up

  3. Max got a concussion and all people talk about are is he too big for 45 ? Should he be stripped ? He always is pulling out… but no fucking one day ask is he ok how is it is it serious or not it show u how quick people start kicking u while ur down

  4. Defintiely have to give credit to the team. My only question is, how hard are you training a week out before the fight that can lead to a concussion?

  5. I got Judo flipped directly on my head once. One eye was blurred. I don't recall a headache, mainly blurred vision in one eye but I was good the next day. Didn't see a doctor because I felt fine. I wonder how much damage it did though.

  6. Max is one of the toughest fighters around sad not to see him fight on this card get better buddy see you when you’re better

  7. Guys I really think everyone's missing the boat on this one. It's sadly appeared to me that Max was on either opiates or benzos. If I was him I would gladly take people thinking it was concussion-related but I wouldn't be surprised if his latest injuries didn't cause him to get a prescription that he is now addicted to. It happens all the time. Look at athletes like Brett Favre.

  8. Way better source of MMA news than Brandon and Bryan. You actually fought for a title I value your opinion more.

  9. People who're getting mad or talking smack are idiots. We watch these athletes for entertainment. Their health and well-being outweighs anything we have to say. I will ALWAYS give the fighter the benefit of the doubt. Anyone who has ever trained or fought knows that these guys at the elite level are hard as nails and not "scared" of anyone. This is how they make their living. The time to dodge fights is during management negotiations. None of them pull out at this stage for any other reason than, they're not well enough to fight. They often fight with injuries and ailments that would have average people resting at home or on light duty at work. If someone of Max's caliber has his team pull him from a fight, it is for a very good reason. I wish him a speedy recovery and those of us who understand the game will be here to watch you whenever you get back.

  10. Bottom line he was pulled from his last 2 fights last minute. Not good for ratings!

  11. all these haters on the blessed era. yall want max to go out there and die for your entertainment. Who cares if he's showin signs of brain damage/concussion.

  12. Max Holloway's team did the right thing. The team's job is not to deliver live meat to a cage, in any condition, in whatever condition. The team's first duty is to protect their athlete from serious medical harm. That's what they did.

  13. 3 ppl dislike this? take em behind a barn and shoot em

  14. Max is doing the same shit Aldo did that ultimately exposed him. He is training too hard.

  15. I think it might have been an acclamation thing, you fly from a place like Hawaii to vegas what was the difference in temperature… just like fighting at elevation. It takes time to adjust for sure…. vegas heat fuckin zapps you big time… i wonder if this was taken into consideration??
    Can't wait for this fight, Max is an absolute beast.

  16. Chael, you're sooo wrong. You were told he hadn't started his weight cut, that doesn't mean his team is telling the truth. If he was truly suffering from a concussion, he should have reported this to the UFC sooner. But, I don't even believe he has a concussion, I firmly believe his body started to shut down due to a poor weight cut.

  17. correct me if i'm wrong here, but max only missed 2 fights. his edgar fight got cancelled due to his ankle injury that had him in some kind of air cast. the khabib fight was never supposed to happen so it doesn't count. now he has this unknown illness that his team called off. unless i'm missing something, that's not unheard of. cruz and pettis spend half their careers injured. i don't think max has been out long enough to strip him of anything. look around and you'll find plenty of champs not fighting for almost a year not being stripped. plus max has never refused to fight anyone.

  18. I was hit by a drunk driver on 4/4/18.
    Headaches & brain fog all day/every day since! Concussions (damaged brain neurons) can be scary & can take a long time to heal. I am still f###ed up! Not sure ill ever be 100%. Your HEALTH is #1!
    Smart Rational people know Holloway is a soldier. Haterish Moron opinions don't matter! 🙂

  19. You wanna talk about cuncusion? Talk about DC dropping his teammate on his head in the open workout 😂

  20. may i re inform u guys prior to this fight he was going to take the khabib fight while he was sidelined for an injury which he was suppose to be out for a while so hes still injured to top all this off

  21. Dr.Sonnen’s lecture on neurology and neurological trauma…very informative and insightful

  22. Once again, classy words from a classy man. Chael P. Sonnen for president…and I'm Canadian. hehe. I'd be honored to have him as our Prime Minister! Especially as a replacement for the wimp we have as our PM right now.The clown even changed the words of our Nation Anthem to be 'gender neutral'. Seriously.

  23. Maybe he was just high so his team pulled him out in fear he'd get suspended 😀

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