JRE MMA Show #35 with Israel Adesanya


  1. nice work getting all those blacks on your podcasts

  2. I loove jack slack!!! The fightsgoneby podcast is my shit! Never miss an episode. Bro I'm man crushing on Israel so hard lol I would love to hang out with this dude. I'm gonna steal all his shit for sparring lol I'm a lanky 6'3 guy.

  3. one of the best Joe Rogan podcasts yet. two very smart guys who are absolute experts in fighting. well done

  4. Israel Adesanya such a good cunt! Great podcast!
    Down to earth, got banter and not up himself but confident when he needs to be and confident in his abilities as fighter and also a joy to watch fight. He's like a mix of Anderson Silva x MVP x JJ. All the things to be a superstar in MMA and UFC. Hoping he fights in next Aus fight to see him live!!

  5. Joe "I'm a big proponent of MMA taking place in an open football field but if you really look at it the UFC cage might be too big" Rogan

  6. Who the fuck is this Israel guy seems like he may be a Muslim since when did joe start having muslims on this show?? I thought this show was ANTI muslim?????

  7. "There's a guy that i've known for a long time. he's a freestyler, he's an all crackhead, he's a former ufc champion. I never knew he'd pop for steroids but Jon Jones get your ass in here"

  8. This guy, Gastelum and Whittaker barely cut weight and are fucking guys up. The next evolution is upon us folks.

  9. I have two bad ass podcasts to listen to tomorrow at work, and for that Joe rogan we thank you.

  10. Please please more guys like this and leas geeks that dont have shit to add to convos aside from their fucking comedycareers. Heard one you heard em all.

  11. I have been waiting for this for a while, Israel is my favorite fighter and it's great to see him on the show

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