JRE MMA Show #35 with Israel Adesanya


  1. nice work getting all those blacks on your podcasts

  2. I loove jack slack!!! The fightsgoneby podcast is my shit! Never miss an episode. Bro I'm man crushing on Israel so hard lol I would love to hang out with this dude. I'm gonna steal all his shit for sparring lol I'm a lanky 6'3 guy.

  3. one of the best Joe Rogan podcasts yet. two very smart guys who are absolute experts in fighting. well done

  4. Israel Adesanya such a good cunt! Great podcast!
    Down to earth, got banter and not up himself but confident when he needs to be and confident in his abilities as fighter and also a joy to watch fight. He's like a mix of Anderson Silva x MVP x JJ. All the things to be a superstar in MMA and UFC. Hoping he fights in next Aus fight to see him live!!

  5. Joe "I'm a big proponent of MMA taking place in an open football field but if you really look at it the UFC cage might be too big" Rogan

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