JRE MMA Show #34 with Josh Barnett


  1. Jon Jones is delusional, he is not a top 5 ranked heavyweight. In fact he is not ranked at all LHW or HW.

  2. Hell Yeah!! i had a 75 firebird formula with 400, around 1988, daily driver for college and work, red with white interior and dual hood scoops, with headers could smoke tires, crazy to hear Josh Barnett with one, awesome, thanks for the memories

  3. Lesner is going to be a guest soon. He was telling joe to get him on the podcast during the ufc226 broadcast

  4. Nah bruh….this dude full of it. Full to the brim….40 plus minutes of straight BS. No thanks.

  5. Joe reminds me of a housewife in a knitting circle the way he talks. He did grow up with just a mother. It's no wonder he needs TRT too much estrogen around him in his environment

  6. Seems to be more like 'the giver' than 'brave new world',like "right speak" and erasing history.

  7. can u please stop having brenden shaub on the show? he isnt a technical fighter justa big athletic hw we wana listren to top guys with good technique

  8. Would have been nice to talk about mma with a gym like Josh on

  9. If Jones didnt need PEDs to beat DC he wouldn't risk his career by using them

  10. So Overeem is a different a fighter on PEDs but Jones isn't? Rogan has smoked himself retarded

  11. Joe, after UFC 226, I was expecting a deep discussion about mma with a legend like josh Barnett. A little bit disappointed, great podcast tho.

  12. Google : Martin Picard + squirrel sandwich ( or sandwich d'ecureuil)
    he is a cook in Quebec (Canada) who cooks squirrels cause they eat the draining systems to accumulate maple syrup in northern places

  13. How dare you!!!!! This is not a fuvking MMA pod!! Didn't even talk about this weekends fights😠

  14. I thought that they would talk about DC, or about the incident Barnett had this weekend with Jay White during his commentary with NJPW

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