JRE MMA Show #33 with Brendan Schaub


  1. Got fight pass, live shows almost always blacked out. Need a Norh America region option. Wait for replay but see results on YT (spoilers).

  2. Top Reddit Comment
    Gawd Dalwg. It’s my boy Bologna Sheebs. This episode is one hundred purrrcent guaranteed to be a drawl my man. Real quick, real quick. How good is the cawlmedy store right now? Murderers row!! Best it’s iiiiiver been!

    Let’s talk UFC 226. DC is my boy. Huge fan. Trained with him. Best light heavyweight not named Jon Jones. But is he a drawl though? Is he thoooooooo? Tell you who is a drawl, my man T City. Now I’m a Holloway faaaaan. But my boy T City is gonna m-m-m-muuuuurrrrk him. See ya.

    Then we got the two black beasts going at it. Hashtag no racist. I was a Francis Ganoh dickrider but then my boy Stipe shut him down. Best heavyweight champion iiiiivver. But I’m gonna go with Derrick Lewis because his Instagram is hillliiirious.

    Pay per view numbers? We talmbout pay per view numbers? It’s tough. This card is not a drawl my man. I say they make about 7 dollars and a Charms blow pop. Gadoooooosh.

  3. Payperview is fucking stone age, there are tons of illegal streams second how the fuck isnt there a streaming fee for everything like for instance there is for NFL&NBA and those are global.

  4. Somewhere between four and six months ago there was a grizzly bear walking through my sister's neighborhood in Littleton Colorado

  5. D.C. Vs stipe "tale of tapes" picture is fuckin hilarious. I laughed for 2-3 minutes straight. Kept rewinding. Why did they do that?? The real difference in height is almost as funny in the opposite direction. Stipe is half a foot taller. Hahaha

  6. What's with this new trend of idiots writing unfunny nicknames in quotation marks? PS. Can't stand Schaub, so I came for the comments. But these comments all suck. None of them are funny or have anything to do with the show.

  7. tito has Money and this deal is going to make him a lot more and chuck is in for a chunk. Chuck is as healed as he can get and the chin issue may have been still concussed from previous fight.

  8. Oh your mom died? GOOD. Oh your kid has leukemia? GOOD. I'm sorry but that shit is fucking corny as fuck.

  9. Does anyone know if that Seattle Mountain Lion attack was caught on video? They talk like it was but I can’t find it lol just news reports. My bad I’m FUCKED UP I’m interested in that shit lol

  10. This big, gay, Bulgarian soccer player talks about having a hard/limp dick way too much. Classic faggot who thinks us MMA fans are dick surfers.

  11. Greetings, I'm from 2019 and have been sent here to tell you to buy DigiByte now. You're welcome.

  12. You need to get Psyched Substance on that'd be a great talk

  13. Joe Rogan rocking the nose ring with those lights , Jamie. Shiny bald head accepted.

  14. " Fuck Nature, I'm trying to get my dick sucked bro" – Socrates

  15. Are the rumors true that Big Brown is facing the winner of 226? Huge if true

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