Joe Rogan Experience #1141 – Theo Von


  1. A fireman wanting to go to fires is not sick or mentally ill at all. My dad and brothers are firemen in NYC and love going to fires. They don't get off on loss of life or property but do enjoy fires. All 3 went to firehouses in ghettos A) Because those houses do the most work and B) that's the best way to learn the profession.

  2. No Joe! It's not fucked up to take children away and separate them from their parents when their parents are breaking the law! And it's done every day, Every time someone gets arrested – we do not make it a practice to have children locked up with their parents

  3. Pico Boulevard. Get that hitta. . Chhhaaammmoonnn! Gang gang. . Get in thereee! TFATK strap holder. .

  4. Why is it that when joe says "one of the greatest movies of all time" the movie usually sucks lol

  5. When the chimp on Theo's shirt is your spirit animal , you know you practice them dark arts bruh.

  6. Theo is constantly cracking low key jokes mid sentence and it’s making me crack up. Joe doesn’t seem to notice he’s joking or he doesn’t think it’s funny. Love his goofy dry sense of humor.

  7. Its crazy how well Theo stays in the pocket of being hilarious

  8. Jamie must be high or a lil buzzed or something lol I've never heard him ask about how to look something up lol 2:34

  9. Dear Mr Rogan…
    You had a show called Joe Rogan questions everything..
    … why aren't you questioning this Vegas bullshit almost a year later?
    Fuck Theo Vaughn!
    I got a goddamn guest for you Young Jamie…
    #iamjohncullen on Youtube.

  10. Lol the Cyrillic alphabet is a 9th century AD Byzantine script and the latin alphabet was developed in 7th century BC … I don't expect Joe to know all this shit – obviously. In fact, I'm not entirely sure what my point is. I suppose I just really wish I was there to pull him up.

  11. LOL Lisa Lampanelli had a joke if you getten raped dont yell rape no one wants to see that yell fire who doesnt wanna see a good fire?

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