Joe Rogan Experience #1141 – Theo Von


  1. LOL Lisa Lampanelli had a joke if you getten raped dont yell rape no one wants to see that yell fire who doesnt wanna see a good fire?

  2. Lol the Cyrillic alphabet is a 9th century AD Byzantine script and the latin alphabet was developed in 7th century BC … I don't expect Joe to know all this shit – obviously. In fact, I'm not entirely sure what my point is. I suppose I just really wish I was there to pull him up.

  3. Dear Mr Rogan…
    You had a show called Joe Rogan questions everything..
    … why aren't you questioning this Vegas bullshit almost a year later?
    Fuck Theo Vaughn!
    I got a goddamn guest for you Young Jamie…
    #iamjohncullen on Youtube.

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