Joe Rogan Experience #1140 – Joey Diaz


  1. could you see mamma Diaz waking you up with a cuban samich. LMAO

  2. Joey's a great guest. He's hilarious. Even if half of his stories are bullshit, I don't care.

  3. “Dogg ive been in another dimension since last week and I don’t give a fuck”

  4. Joe is a fucking idiot for admitting he uses drugs. You can lose ur gun rights for smoking weed or using any other drugs it is federal law. So to all the potheads who smoke weed don't advertise it if you enjoy ur 2nd amendment right

  5. I have a question: if Joe Rogan was gotten to by the CIA or some other nameless, faceless, Deep State / New World Order intelligence agency, and they told him to keep doing his podcast and smoke all the DMT he wants, as long as he toes the line on sasquatch, chemtrails and extra terrestrials, or else they’ll torture his clone in a deep underground military base or blast his family into the sun, or peddle clones of his daughters to the elite, do you honestly think he would talk about it openly on his podcast? Think about it real hard. Of course he wouldn’t. He loves his life, his family and his friends; so, the Patterson / Gimlin Film is fake, chemtrails are just contrails and, ‘Oh, I don’t know,’ is as far as he’ll go with extra terrestrials and gravitic propulsion. All obviously lies, but who among us wouldn’t do the same if we were in his position? They might have actually blasted clones of him and his loved ones into the sun and made him watch, just as a demonstration. Or, this might even be a slightly altered clone. Don’t ask him about it. He can’t talk about it.

  6. "The first man to ever smoke marijuana…" .. JRE fans have missed you Joey. Dropping knowledge on these momos from the very start.

  7. Joe "I defend George Soros the Nazi collaborator to stay #1 in podcasting" Rogan

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