EPISODE 112: WWF Vengeance 2003

This is a sleeper episode! Bruce and Conrad discuss the brand split and how it allowed guys to be featured who may not normally have a chance to do so, why the US Title was created, the rumor and innuendo surrounding Zack Gowen, the infamous HBO interview where Vince got frustrated discussing deaths in wrestling, why Hogan left, the original plan for Hogan and what the backup plan was, Chris Bell’s brief run backstage, Billy Kidman being the envy of the locker room, why Terry Taylor was out (again), the Sable-Stephanie brawls backstage, the hilarious indecent proposal angle with Noble, why Ultimo Dragon didn’t work out, why Crash Holly was let go, why Brother Love was brought back, how Vince got busted open, and why the title was switched at this show! This is another “State of the WWE” in 2003 episode–don’t miss it!

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