EPISODE 107 : Sable

The Sable story is unlike any other. There’s an old saying about keeping your wife away from the business but Marc Mero didn’t listen. He brought her to meet Vince McMahon in 1996 and nothing was ever the same. Perhaps no one could have predicted the star she would become when she debuted at WrestleMania 12 with Hunter Hearst Helmsley. We can’t help but cover the story of Marc Mero’s push, IC run, and the horrible timing of his ACL injury.

But that ACL injury presented an opportunity for Rena Mero to become the biggest female star in the company. What night does Bruce think “made” Sable in 1997? Fast forward a year later and she’s making her debut as a wrestler at WrestleMania! Who has their first ever match at WrestleMania? SABLE! Of course that decision would come back to haunt the WWF when Sable sued them a year later. We discuss the way the “boys” treated Sable, her relationship with the other ladies (specifically Luna and Jackie), the heat that Mero took for his wife’s push, whether or not it hurt Marc to take her powerbomb, the way the first Playboy deal came together, the controversial TSN appearance, the second offer from Playboy and how it changed everything, Sable asking for her release the first time, her demand to stop wrestling, her refusal to drop the belt, the unbelievable handwritten note, the conditional terms that the company granted for their release, her lawsuit in great detail, her appearance on Nitro and how it complicated things, the root of the lawsuit and why Vince didn’t back down, a guess as to how it was settled, how Rena came back, why Mero did not, her relationship with Brock, the silliness of Vince and Sable, the crazy angles involving Linda and Stephanie, and how the relationship ended a second time.

We also examine the many times Meltzer “buried” Sable, what Sable said no one wanted to “boo,” which Vince was responsible for her initial push, who really made room for her to be the top lady in the business, her legacy, why she isn’t featured more in the WWE packages today, and whether or not she deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

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