EPISODE 106: Bad Blood 2003

Business was down for the WWE in 2003 compared to 2002, but why? Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson discuss “the State of the WWE” for two hours this week and it’s based around Bad Blood 2003, which exceeded expectations. Was it the Hell in a Cell that was responsible for the bump in business? Was it the return of Mick Foley?

The show also featuring a burping contest, a poontang pie eating contest, and a singing contest — who booked this?! Nobody was asking that for Flair-Michaels, a full five years before the famous retirement match. You’ll also hear details about the beginning of Evolution, how Vince got Christian to cut his hair, why Rocky Johnson didn’t last in developmental, why Sahadi left, why Jamal left, how Sable and Mero were doing, Nowinski’s career, the spot with Steiner that everyone talks about on this show, how Test went into business for himself, the rib that McMahon played during this show, what Goldberg veto’ed in his match with Jericho, and what this show led two just two weeks later. On the exact 15 year anniversary of this show, don’t miss another “sleeper episode” filled with hours about a very interesting time for a company in transition, it’s all about the WWE in 2003!

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