Daniel Cormier Is The UFC Goat | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Brendan on why Daniel Cormier is greatest of all time including becoming double champion during USADA era.

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  1. Wait.. wait.. wait.. are we actually pretending Jon Jones isn't the most impressive, talented fighter ever? Plus arguably (I dare anyone to argue it) has the greatest fight record of all time… like I didn't know this was a thing… No one is close

  2. Idgaf i love dc always have jon jonss is thd goat the rest can fill in under him

  3. I agree, you get caught more than once with a banned substance you're out of the conversation.

  4. DJ didn't "step up" to face Dominic Cruz. He was already fighting a bantamweight. It shits me that Brendan has this great platform to speak his mind and he's a former fighter, entrenched in the sport. Yet he seems to know nothing about what actually goes on.

  5. I disagree wholeheartedly with this sentiment! Jon Jones is the Goat! I’m sure people will state “he’s on steroids…” Yeah, ok… Jones beats Cormier anytime and every time they fight! Cormier may be more likeable but in no way, shape or form, is he a better fighter than Jon Jones!

  6. the only people saying DC is the GOAT are morons who want to suck his dick because he just got the biggest win of his career. DJ has been the goat and there isn't a close second. IF DC can manage to defend his 205 lb belt and then go up and beat brock so he has back to back defenses in 2 weight classes then you can start to talk about him in the same breath as mighty mouse. and even then if DJ beats cejudo and then TJ he runs away in the conversation again.

    but as it stands currently, DJ is the goat and there is not a close second place, the 2 closest men took huge steps down due to cheating and DC is still in 4th behind those 2 other men even despite their setbacks. im proud of him, he's done great and he's on top of the world right now, but jon jones is 2-0 against him with a KO and anderson won more belts than DC could even imagine… which is still less than DJ who is the current king and is likely going to win even more.

    DJ has has been the GOAT for a while now, and putting DC in the same conversation as him because he chose to not defend his 205 belt and instead went and beat a guy who he outweighed seems like a silly idea because it is, stop being silly. if you want to argue that he passed anderson and jon because they cheated im fine with that, but he's still nowhere near DJ.

    GSP isn;t in the discussion because he got the shit kicked out of himself by hendricks, the judges may have robbed hendricks but that shit is on video and i would invite anyone to go watch it back, you don't get to get beat up by hendricks like that in your prime and call yourself the GOAT.

    class dismissed.

  7. Bones Jones is the Goat..UFC is trying to hype DC up since they literally have no star representing the sport.DC may be the best role model but he is far from the Goat status

  8. DC is definitely ONE of the greatests to do it ever.. but you just can't be the goat when you lost to a guy who is practically undefeated and beat you twice one of them being KO'd. And the last test jones popped for was in micro amounts not even enough to actually have performing enhancing benefits.

  9. Cmon Schaub u said gps beating bisping counts lmao bisping has been beaten by everyone and their mama

  10. D.C only got 2 Title Defenses and faught 4 guy's at LHW I still give it to GSP with the weight of 12 Title defenses and avenged his losses and got another Belt!

  11. Whoever is the current UFC champion is the GOAT. Brendan no doubt has at one time said Brock, Cain and Stipe is the GOAT and now DC! Whoever comes after DC will be the GOAT ha ha.

  12. DC the goat jon Jones needs to fight him to get goat back lol

  13. I usually disagree with Brendan on most things. On this, he is right. DC is undeniably the most accomplished fighter in history. True GOAT.

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