Dana White Shouldn’t Talk Shit on Francis Ngannou | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Francis Ngannou’s identity and treatment from Dana White and the UFC.

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  1. But he didnt even try to fight and wasted everyones time not to mention money. Send him to bellator i say.

  2. Dana has a bad habit of talking shit about his fighters when shit doesn't go how he wants

  3. Dana is a rat. He does not care the sport, he does not care fighters, all' je cares is just business, and i get It but with some limit. He changed from Dana "Ford Escort" White to "Francis was never my friend"

  4. Imagine Stipe giving Dana the middlefinger and moving away to Bellator fighting Mitrione, Bader or Fedor. Now that would be something.

  5. President of the company doing everything he can to undermine his money makers

  6. People wonder why nobody buys the PPVs anymore. When you have the PROMOTER talking crap about his own fighters you have a major flipping problem. With Francis they need to take the boxing route in his next fight. Give him someone like albini or arlovski. Get his confidence back.

  7. That's why everyone loves Dana though….he doesn't sugar coat shit. He could do what you suggested sometimes…but sometimes it's very refreshing to hear Dana say exactly what we all are thinking.

    Some people would argue Dana being who he is is a pretty big part of the sport…maybe it isn't but who knows what kinda impact Dana being who he is has….Those post fight recaps are like crack because Dana is so honest.

  8. I think Dana got a taste of FN when the hype train was rolling , and wouldnt want a ego like that as champ , you could tell he was so high on himself befor Stipe fight .. usually it takes being champ b4 your ego gets out of wack , not knocking out glass chin Overeem and thinking you dont need to train for Stipe , glad FN lost back to back

  9. This is the one thing that Dana absolutely sucks balls at and is a huge flaw in his game. You don't shit all over your own product and as soon as a fighter has a bad fight or doesn't take a fight on short notice like the Ortega/ Holloway situation he completely shits all over them which looks terrible on his behalf instead of doing everything possible to do damage control and make the best out of a rough situation but of course not. Let's punish the same guy's I need to make money and turn the fans off to them so they don't tune in or buy ppv's. Fkn dumb ass! I've always hated it and I've never been on board with him doing that bullshit to the fighters.

  10. The more Brendan talks, the more it's clear, if he didn't know Rogan he'd be working at Wal-Mart. Schuab is a dumb dumb.

  11. At least Dana's not lying to promote. He's honest Francis fucked up and didn't perform. That's why people like Dana

  12. Dana does it for the drama. For the headlines.

    Its obvious. All part of the show.

    And if the fighter gets a little extra motivation to come back stronger or snaps back at dana, all the better.

    Get smrt Brandon.

  13. Maybe you should come out of retirement since the heavyweight division ain't shit right now you should step back in there and see what you can do maybe they'll give you a title shot

  14. Dana's comments are typically much worse towards fighters who have a complete melt down fight like that. He actually was encouraging in post fight conference and mentioned he's not out of the mix. Yes, he mentioned Francis was really confident and his ego was getting big. Really? I don't call that tearing someone down. 95% of this is on Francis. Dana is his boss and he really didn't tear into Francis. Rewatch the interviews. Tone was positive too. Bad take.

  15. Its like a coin there is two sides, one is that all you say is right, and other is that Dana being real and he does not give a fuck just being real, and also you saying francis should get all the support there is other side where when you get wins like him knocking overeem he got all the credit in the world right? But when most shitty fight takes places and you get the truth from people you need to be strong enough to absorb that also. So for me all good with whats happening lately

  16. Like ronda had the biggest ego and after leaving getting koed twice for being overconfident u go and support her at wwe but the future of the ufc you shit on

  17. People are going to slowly move to Bellator. No grown person wants to fail at the thing that matters most to them and then have their boss tell the world that they suck. I’d rather just be fired.

  18. Tough love, but you have to be consistent and not play favorites. Dana isolates alot of fighters, Stipe and Woodly come to mind.

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