Congratulations Podcast w/ Chris D’Elia | EP79 – Evil Scientist With A B*ner

It’s the 79th episode! On today’s show, Chris tells a couple of stories from Montreal. Also discussed: wacky hair, burpees, Air Canada and airplane internet, and The Space Force. Plus, Chris answers a bunch questions from Twitter.

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  1. Oh my fucking god I literally starting out of laughter and almost fell out of my chair at the part at the 24 minute mark with the gay guy going "I sucked your cock" to Chris. Omfg…. hahahaahahahahahahahahha xD

  2. Pogz! Remember the “sweet pog slammers”!? And garbage pail kids cards! Yyaaaay!

  3. You're supporting Time's up Legal defence fund? How does it feel, knowing the wave will drown you too, one day soon?

  4. Is there a longer version of the outro music? That shit's good.

  5. Bur,Bro,Maan,Dude Bro..Just kick the shit out of his clear plastic bag full of hundreds across the gym.

  6. stop saying my babies……..hey man i am from india,big fan of your's…..i think you are the best comedian of all time. Look up to you so much.

  7. Totally fucking agree with not hitting on girls on the gym.. it looks fucking desperate and stupid

  8. Daddy got himself the no date sub, nice 🙂 also, I'd love to get The Most Fucked Up Instagram Post of the Week back on the show

  9. Hey Chris Delia, trailer brakes first. um im a cool guy, other than when my alcoholism occurs. But hey, trailer brakes first is a reference to a fucking cool movie namely A long long long trailer, trailer brakes first!

  10. Man D'Elia is fuckin gold, but how does a person that doesn't do drugs or drink have such a hard problem trying to talk about anything? Holy shit. "I've been traveling nonstop, I've been not on the road… I.. I.. umm not been at home" okay man wanna fire.

  11. hey, I'm 5'9 dick. thinking of unsubscribing since u dislike anyone under 6'3. haha

  12. In episode 1 you talk about how the guy at the coffee shop gave you such a shitty book recommendation that it destroyed the friendship. The book recommendation wasn't about you though. He was just trying to share what was important to him so you could know him better.

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