Congratulations Podcast w/ Chris D’Elia | EP78 – I Don’t Wanna F**k Chairs

It’s the 78th episode! On today’s show, Chris talks about R. Kelly’s new song “I Admit.:” Also discussed: Houston, Twitter arguments, James Gunn, Tekashi 6ix9ine, an a story about the time Chris interrupted his own set to take a dump. Also, f**k boba. Plus, Chris answers a bunch questions from Twitter.

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  1. Holy shit you can't be famous and upload videos of you reading your own commercials unless you think ketsup is fancy

  2. Chris, you know UberEats is better than PostMates right…? UberEats is less expensive than PostMates and even faster delivery, but I guess getting sponsored by UberEats is harder. Idk, but just for your reference, you should try it. I've tried both and UberEats totals always come out less expensive for me.

  3. Get a guest and start being funny again. Dude you’re NOT a philosopher. Nobody gives a fuck. Keep the therapy to yself.

  4. [ 14:40 was proper dark ! o0 braeiou but proper funny! ] Statistically chairs defo witness the most orgasms!lol Handsfree is the future! Imagine you could punish people with orgasms! .. "you really wanna rob that bank fkr [buzz].. now? "still hyped up fo cash, bitch?" [buzz buzz buzz] .."No please mr-orgasm-officer sir!!" lol ..better than murder! #pewpew

    You 100% need to turn automatic captions.. how do find your supafresh jokes again? …..yo

  5. has Chris mentioned the girl from smallvile who was leading a sex cult? she was a true bottom bitch

  6. What a beautiful breakdown of what a bitch R Kelly is. I salute you, sir. You're doing God's work out here. 👍

  7. my first time viewing. I like it chris. going to start and watch all the collection. go angry eagle! haha

  8. I started watching Chris's podcast two months ago and im finally on the latest episode, real baby 🙂

  9. what a fuckin tool… I like this shit, and I'll keep checking in.. but it's sad how disconnected this grown up rich kid is. He can't even small talk an Uber driver? Conceded as fuck.

  10. so happy "six by nine " got rough up. loser! " i admit " lol and and r kelly should hug lol

  11. R Kelly song is fucking so sad because it just makes sense how easy it was for him to of done the sick shit. Where as akon was all like yeah I grinded on a 15 year old I'm sorry I didn't know her age in the club

  12. Dude.. that story you told about the kid walking in when you were taking a shit is THE funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. Holy fuck

  13. As an Irish guy the irish accent isn't too bad it's kinda like a kerry accent crossed with meath and canada accent 😂😂 better than Rogans I'll give ya that!!

  14. I agree man comedians should be allowed to joke about anything, they are the gatekeepers of free speech & always have been.. However and its just my opinon but that director isn't a comedian let alone the gives zero fucks comedian. Making like a dozen tweets about being pedo is just super weird & awkward especially like i said coming from someone who isn't a comedian.. & as you said they were really bad attempts at jokes, it was hard to see where the humor was suposed to be in them. I get that they're ten years old but its not like hes 26 now and was 16 at the time he's like 51.. at 40 you should be alot more aware than that.. i dont even see many comedians with those type of jokes from 10yrs ago.. I'm not sure if he should lose his job or not, it's not for me to decide.. That's upta what Disney decides is acceptable humor i guess. I will say though people should be incredibly mindful of what they tweet because 10 years from now an offensive joke might be a career ender. ✌

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