Comier vs Miocic recap and much more (starts 0:45) – Ask me Anything 25 – Coach Zahabi


  1. Something about these Tristar guys: Weirdoville. Donaher is a strange bird, theres the drunk thai fighting dude and the boxing coach. If Tristar wasnt a fighting facility, it could pass for a mental institution any day of the wk.

    They get it done though!

  2. “ I know guys who have lost a testicle in training.”

    HOLY HELL – that’s the worst injury I’ve ever heard of

  3. I can’t run past a mile without going into fight or flight. I’ve tried for a few months now slowing my pace getting my body stronger eating right. I tell my brother and he just thinks I’m a softy but I’ll swear to you I’m in extreme high stress after that one mile. My fastest one mile was only about 8:30

  4. I would like to know why Jon Jones is the only guy that gets a pass for PEDs, having tested positive for steroids twice.
    Everyone else gets crapped on and removed from the conversation as great fighters.

  5. "smoking leads to a slow, painful death" smokers see life, itself, as a slow, painful death. they are just trying to speed up the process haha

  6. Man I missed it again was at the gym
    Firas can you look at my grappling match next time you’re having a podcast?

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