Colby Covington’s Mindset for Success


  1. Yea Chael you’re definitely right that it’s a bit ridiculous for people to complain about people being “fake” when they’re trying to market themselves, however the allure of the UFC to a lot of people is the fact that it is real. So these fans expect fighters to be real all the time unlike fans of WWE or a movie or a comedian because they dont expect those things to be reality so it’s very different and understandable why many people would point out something being “fake”. Just look at Connor Mcgregor, the main reason he became so big was because he truly seemed like the way he acted was really him making his brashness and confidence that much more appealing. So yes, it’s important to market yourself and play the system, and yes it’s important to not give away a character but if tons of people or insiders keep calling you fake you probably can’t blame them as most likely that means you could have sold your character better and made it more believable. For example, when Connor goes out and gets on the mic you never hear people say it’s fake because he’s great at selling it, maybe one or two Debbie downers but for the most part people accept it. Now if you have every single media outlet and fan screaming something is fake you may need to make some adjustments. At the end of the day it just needs to look believable, people realize not everything is real and are willing to give up some of their common sense that this isn’t real to enjoy it more but you need to give them just enough “realness” so they can turn the other cheek and just enjoy it. .

  2. I don't care what anybody says but if this is the future martial arts and of something I grew up with and love so much because they respect the honor the glory the discipline the complete Mind Over Matter mentality please buy this this is truly sad

  3. Chael why don’t you just start your own MMA organization where trash talk and gimmicks are part of the game. WWE/MMA hybrid?

  4. What Chael doesn't understand is that fans only point it out when it looks blatantly fake or staged. Everything about Colby seems fake. blatantly fake. that's why people point out what he's doing, the same way the whole thing with Brock and DC, the whole thing seemed fake and staged and that's why they point it out.

    Chael seems to think MMA fans are all fucking Dunces and don't realize what's going on until somebody like Rogan points it out to us and he gets butthurt about it. Gets butthurt at Rogan for "pulling back the curtain" and exposing MMA kayfabe.

    Hate to break it to you xhaell, but we all know what the fuck is going on, it's the blatantly fake and staged shit that insults our intelligence that we don't care for

  5. "Drinking his little syrup".. not the best trash talk I've heard.

  6. if georges st pierre comes back it would have to be against colby fuckin covington cheal what the fuck are u even talkin about bro…is it cuz colby cifubfr=rv

  7. GSP is the money fight but Colby honestly isn't worthy of such a marquee fight yet. When Woodly is healed that's the fight I see Colby taking. But keep up the "drinking maple syrup" shtick and just maybe…

  8. Colby doesn't have anywhere near the same level of intellect, wit, or charisma that Chael has. I guess I get why Chael sees himself in Colby, but he just doesn't have the same skill. Also Colby has yet to successfully sell fights. Conor and Chael sell fights because they talk shit at an all time great level. Colby talks a lot of shit but nobody buys it and nobody cares.

  9. To be fair I don't know how Darren Till isn't on this list. Colby made it there in 10 fights, Till is right on the Brink at 6 fights, was able to take out the #1 guy on a main event. Now he's right behind Colby.

  10. Am I the only person that would love to jump in on Chael’s logic and explain to him a different perspective on the situation?

  11. I like Colby C I just think he should tone down his public persona a bit and be himself, like he is here.

  12. Volvo vs. a Mack truck? Volvo & Mack trucks are owned by the same company (Volvo)

  13. What are the little tulip mma fans going to do when Colby beats Tyrone?

  14. Well I guess I’m a virgin, live in my parents basement, fat, & eat Cheetos. But Colby is a punk because he froze when Werdum confronted him. I hope Woodley knocks this boy out. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ #NerdBash2k18

  15. I’m a huge Colby fan, but I think he’s gotta stop looking so ahead and focus on beating the collard greens out of Tyrone ass. 🇺🇸

  16. MAGA 😎 KAG 2020
    Keep doing what you do Colby! Everyone claims that they "keep it real" but when someone does, they get mad. It is comical

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