Colby Covington talks Brock Lesnar, calls Daniel Cormier the GOAT and questions Jon Jones status.


  1. Colby's so uninteresting, compare him to Chael and it's a world of difference, plus Chael doesn't use the MAGA and Trump stance as a crutch when trash talking.

  2. I don't think Colby needs the weird ass persona he puts up, if he would just talk like this instead of that cringey ass acting I think he'd actually have more fans or at least fans worth having.

  3. Colby just had to wear the trump hat to get all the racist fans to jump on the bandwagon huh lol…. cant wait till twoodley fucks this dude up.

  4. DC is in the convo for the goat….but jones and GSP is better. Both guys have better resumes

  5. I 100% agree about Jon Jones. Cheater in the sport, pretty terrible person outside of the sport.. I'm not really trying to watch him fight ever again, honestly. He ruined the DC rivalry by cheating and I can't think of anyone else I'd like to see him fight that I wouldn't like to see DC fight even more.


  7. Funny how a guy in sonnen who used steroids countless times judges John jones lol 😂. This Conor wanna be isn’t even close for pound for pound

  8. Trump is litteraly the worst president of all time. Only stupid uneducated caucasoids like that imbecile…and here they are.

  9. I'm eating Cheetos and critisizing everything from my own place and my own couch. I moved out of my mom's place back in 2004.

  10. Colby must watch a lot of UFC interviews. All this BS he's spittin, I have already heard from other people. I HATE Colby, but damn it he sure looked good against Ralphy.. Please T-Wood kill this clown. Make UFC Great Viewing again.

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