Chael Sonnen talks Francis Ngannou vs Derrick Lewis


  1. this is going to be more brutal then the overreem knockout trust me, people are underestimating francis, dude lost to a guy who's in the conversation of best heavyweight of all time and declare him to be a hype job and even though stipe won decisively, he didn't win impressively (in my eyes), he was utilizing his wrestling but not like a cain or khabib, he was mostly just holding on to him and stalling and not willing to trade punches with him at all, name somebody who made stipe do that and granted francis barely landed anything but when he did, he hurt him, so yes he is the scariest guy in the division

  2. I heard a rumor that Chael puts on a Batman costume and fights crime on the mean streets of West Lynn when he's not fighting, training or making videos.

  3. Lewis is gonna wanna keep this fight standing up and that's exactly what Ngannou wants. My guess is that Lewis tries to headhunt and Ngannou catches him either late first round or early second.

  4. Overeem was the one making fun of Ngannou`s Age. Not Stipe.
    everyone takes credit for overeems joke ^^

  5. Lewis isn't much of a wrestler. he only has 1 Sub
    pretty sure he will strike with Ngannou and not attempt any take downs.
    I think Ngannou Gets the K.O. in the 1st round.
    I just don't think Lewis matches up well with Ngannou

    Ngannou is bigger and stronger with about the same cardio and durability.
    nether of them have a college wrestling background.

  6. The hood rat Rockford native in me wants Lewis to win because freaks of natures like that exist in the hood and are a different kind of American breed on the other hand Francis is a fucking specimen

  7. I think a ngannou rematch with stipe would be very different,stipe realised his weakness like a true champ but I can't see another 5 rounds of him not being put to sleep happening.stipes face at the end of that fight was wrecked.

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