Chael Sonnen loved every second of Ngannou vs Derrick Lewis


  1. I’ve never sat through a fight saying any second now so many times before I realized I just watched the worst fight EVER!!

  2. I feel like chael is that type of person that would disagree with everyone just to disagree with everyone

  3. the fight was so bad it was good. just watching the fight play out completely opposite to what every single analyst, fighter, and commentator predicted; seeing such a hilariously bad fight after what had been an amazing card; and seeing the audience/herb dean collectively being like "wtf is this?" was entertaining in its own way. i was watching with my jaw dropped the whole time

  4. I loved every second of Joe and Cruz talking shit about them lmao.

    End of the 3rd round with 1 minute to go, Cruz was like "Now they're fighting." 😂

    Rogan at one point was like "What the hell" lmao…absolute gold.

    Then after the fight, they said it should be a draw or both fighters should lose lmao.

    To top it all off, the referee had to step in to tell them to fight lmao

  5. there is 3 explanations of why Ngannou didn't perform even though Derrick was clearly a sitting duck. 1- he probably didn't want another humiliating lose and wanted to just to teach himself how to control his power and stemina basically he wanted to gently spar so he can gain his confidence back. 2- mentally scarred from the pervious fight and only wants to survive. 3- which is a bit far fetched it was fixed.

  6. I play a shooter on a very high level. and because they're so good, I have to use my tactics to win. but everyone is always bitching at me that I play too slow or don't take enough risk.. that's the same pressure those guy must have been feeling, and everyone should be ashamed of making them feel like that(apart from the fact that the match should've never happened).

  7. It's boring to watch but it's a good sign that they're careful because it means that they're a good match for each other. Don't think that anyone would jump on top of someone that can knock you out in less than a second.

  8. Chael it's too easy to just be a contrarian, the reason you're a great heel is your smack talk

  9. Loved the bit about Lewis still winning. Whether nganou defeated is broken or not, Lewis got the fight and toughed through it anyways despite his issues, unknowing of nganous mental state.

  10. If this fight was in the WWE, the crowd would have had beach balls bouncing around. It was like a Roman Reigns match.

  11. Dc vs stipe made me forget this shitty fight, tnx for reminding me, it was so bad they both should be suspended…

  12. I feel like rogan was riling up the crowd with his retarded commentary, that guy really needs to shut up sometimes, he doesn't realised how the audience eats up what he said, could have helped the situation but instead basically bitched about it with the crowd

  13. Watching in TV was horrible, UFC needs to pay fans some money to watch that fight

  14. Lol. Chael trolling bad. I loved it because I had time to piss. Eat. Get another keno ticket and not have to pay attention

  15. Ngannou was scared of Lewis because he felt the power early in the fight when he got hit by a hammer

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