Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping #074 FULL VIDEO – Out Of Sync Mammaries

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Bisping bobsledding with DC in Canada, the countdown to Luis’s fight, UFC on Fox 30 ratings, Aldo vs Stephens, Jedrzejczyk vs. Namajunas, the 12 to 6 elbow controversy, Till and Woodley’s upcoming fight, more Covington drama, Listener Questions and plenty more!


  1. Sorry Luis but your analogy of the groin strike not effecting the position change isn't always accurate. When two combatants are clinched against the cage and an illegal strike happens they seperate the fighters, give the wronged opponent time to recover … but then they start from standing opposite from each other.

  2. Haha Mike rolling into the comments for real! Last week's show was hilarious and I'm already laughing less then two minutes into the show 😂

  3. It was announced on Ariel’s show Monday Covington was offered to Usman for November

  4. Holy shit you actually responding to comment god bless you mike . My question if you want to answer it is can you tell me what is the most important traits in your wife that helped you over your life ?!

  5. Can’t wait to watch this on my drive home from work today… Bisping your eye is looking so much better 👍 CBD is changing lives. If only you had been using it earlier.

  6. Glad to hear you've got the procedure on your eye done Mike, happy for ya. Hope you have a non problematic recovery fella.

  7. 58:00 Goddard had just pulled Eddies finger out of the ear then the 12 to 6, he was sick of it already,,

  8. eddie was just listening to his corner mark Henry told him to throw that elbow and showed how

  9. I think no one tunes in because they say big fox. They need to just say channel 8 !!!

  10. I never see mike in the comments? Sign my comment please 😉

  11. Hey Mike and Luis, if you do get some training in are you able to record some parts and put it put up on here? Im keen to see how Luis is doing training wise #TeamBYM

  12. Been waiting to hear about Mike's eye too, great to hear it fixed.

  13. If Michael’s memory was as good as his counting skills, he’d be really good at knowing what number podcast it is.

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