After The (MMA) Beat – Episode 199

The MMA Beat panel answers your questions regarding the UFC’s recent decisions making interim titles, what artist they would have perform at their birthday party if they had a mega rich father, their thoughts on Shark Week, MMA media, and much more.


  1. Luke’s lead role is going over his head. He is now borderline offensive.

  2. hello seriously if you are 16 and have a dad paying whoever you want to play at ya party im sure it would be justin bieber or one direction if you have a little taste maybe bruno mars ,,,,,,think again why is that you are 16 what do you want as a 16 year old male … look at the names i mentioned are they gonna pull a crowed that is suited for ya needs or not ,,,,,

  3. Stop bullying Danny you idiot, Luke. You're not the boss in the house since Ariel left, start acting professionally you dumbnut.

  4. Luke is being a douchebag and Danny is a child.
    Luke, Chuck and Shaun would be my ideal lineup. With more adults up there, maybe Luke will tone down the douchiness…

  5. Luke and Danny are hilarious. Luke doesn't bully him. It's clearly just friendly jibing. Great back and forth to watch..

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