After The (MMA) Beat – Episode 199


  1. Have to agree with everyone else, Luke is unbearable, didn't take long and he'll only get worse. His personality is so grating and he misinterprets that as being manly rather than realising he's being an annoying prat. He really is the worst part of these shows which is weird as he's the host, i.e, the main person.
    MMAfighting should be on the lookout for some new blood who have some experience hosting/presenting, heck, i'd prefer revolving guest hosts on both shows over Luke at this point. Some great talent out there, both male and female who'd love to work for MMAfighting.

    Also, it's not banter if it's one way and the other person isn't partaking or enjoying it, then it's just bullying which apparently annoying Luke thinks "works", by which i think he means it turns people into being more like him, in which case, no, it certainly does not work, being obnoxious and painful to listen to is not a goal anyone should strive for.

  2. Luke Thomas is SO arrogant and obnoxious. He ruins MMA beat and MMA hour… there’s no one like Helwani ❤️

  3. Wow, now i absolutely understand Jon Jones.
    Luke is unbearble.
    The show is dead.
    Miss Ariel.

  4. Wow, now absolutely understand Jon Jones.
    Luke is a idiot.
    The show is dead.
    Miss Ariel.

  5. Great job Luke!! I wasn't a big fan of yours before, but you won me over. Your confidence is showing and its great to watch!! Don't listen all these negative comments on here who are  coming from people who are still living in their parents basement  and look for anything to be offended about!

  6. Danny should have said he would want Vanilla Ice for his party if he had a rich dad.

  7. Luke has got a new massive EGO,,,, flexing his new MMA fighting muscles,,,, keep it going Luke,,,,,

  8. What happened to Chuck??? He's my favorite panelist and has been MIA for a couple of weeks. Is he coming back??

  9. I love Luke's ideas, and the changes to the MMA Hour have been great, but he really needs to stop interrupting Danny. Danny has great ideas, but cant get a word out before Luke interrupts him. Luke, take a breath brother, and treat Danny with respect. I know you can do it.

  10. Luke, i don't think you're in any position to be criticizing someone's music taste now are you

  11. Luke is being a straight up ass to Danny and Shaun is clearly kissing Luke's ass. Sad to see….

  12. Luke and Danny are hilarious. Luke doesn't bully him. It's clearly just friendly jibing. Great back and forth to watch..

  13. Luke is being a douchebag and Danny is a child.
    Luke, Chuck and Shaun would be my ideal lineup. With more adults up there, maybe Luke will tone down the douchiness…

  14. Stop bullying Danny you idiot, Luke. You're not the boss in the house since Ariel left, start acting professionally you dumbnut.

  15. hello seriously if you are 16 and have a dad paying whoever you want to play at ya party im sure it would be justin bieber or one direction if you have a little taste maybe bruno mars ,,,,,,think again why is that you are 16 what do you want as a 16 year old male … look at the names i mentioned are they gonna pull a crowed that is suited for ya needs or not ,,,,,

  16. Luke’s lead role is going over his head. He is now borderline offensive.

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