Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 452

Jean and Jean are together with no one else home on this one.

We FINALLY found him – a super creepy guy that is beyond menacing and get this, he’s wearing a shirt. It’s a first here at YMH. Plus, the ladies are letting us know that they don’t always have a man telling them to write in or say outrageous stuff to us – they do it themselves! AND did Dr Drew call Tom “Bert?”


  1. Hey mommies. Checking in with my weekly PSA: Christina, along with all other women, are not funny at all. This common misconception comes from men agreeing with any nonsense that comes out of a woman’s mouth, with the goal of getting some pussy. Trust me.

  2. So, you didn't get my faxes in Vegas? Also, sex while camping is fucking in tents!

  3. The guy in the video is doing the old farley/sandler skit from SNL except he sucks at it

  4. On the Last episode at time 23:00 "Christine" (Joey Diaz joke). She has an amazing idea for a new Shirt. "STAY DROOPPERS FOR LIFE" and the shirt can have a Female (& yes I said female because those still are a thing" Female State Trooper with some big meat hangers.

  5. I think that dad is trying to do that SNL skit Adam Sandler and Chris Farley used to do where Adam Sandler would ask the viewer to go to his house and do chores "let me water your plants" then it would progress to "Let me sleep in your bed" and he would ask in this tone.. Then Chris Farley would scream the same thing at the viewer but thats what it reminds me of at least.

  6. Omg I was not expecting that reactions about the punk kid and the grown man. The man drove the kid a couple feet then pushed off and the kid fell and cried like a bitch. And you’re like omg what’s funny he’s hurt. He’s not hurt. He’s a punk kid that gets no discipline. And is aggro on another grown man. He was barely pushed. Come on mommies. That is a 12 year old kid. In 3 years he’s 15 acting like that I. High school. Being a bully or hell get fucked up. Another 3 years and he’s 18. Fuck that kid and his parents

  7. The courthouse and county jail is right next to the greyhound station. You're right Christina. Downtown Vegas aka Old Vegas aka Freemont is notoriously shitty.

  8. How is it I'm home right now ? It's 3 words obviously . Hoe men out . Just another activity on the list of amazing things he's asking for.

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