UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra UF204: UFC 225 Recap


  1. What a shitty podcast. Goddamn. Norton sounds like a complete pillow biter, and Serra, when he’s not on his knees blowing Dana, can’t stop screaming.

  2. That Colby interview seemed like it was a setup the day before his fight it was awkward Kamaru been trying to talk in his ear forever!

  3. Matt is a fucking physcopath. He's a bi-sexual bald loud mouth midget.And before you fuckers start.I realize he could take me down and strangle me like a child even though I'm 6ft 225 solid and strong. I still like the guy but I stand by my comment……. because I know he'll never read this.

  4. I always thought Serra were goofing around becuase he was nervous, but no he is just a complete idiot

  5. Wait, what! Rogan made a mistake? The say all know all of everything?? Not possible

  6. Colby constantly talks about three things. Nerds, snowflakes, and virgins. The guy is clearly a nerd. He idolizes trump and can’t put two sentences together without rehearsing. He becomes a tender little snowflake and later throws a fit over sharing some time on the radio with Usman. He didn’t have time to prepare lines! Dare I mention his third lame insult?

  7. I told people not to underestimate retard strength against RDA. Colby is strong. But Woodly will mangle that idiot. Then all the juvenile teenagers and WWE fans will fade back into the mist.

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