UFC Contender Series Results: Greg Hardy Makes Pro Debut | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

At UFC Contender Series Season 2, ep. 1, Greg Hardy made his pro debut.


On the first episode of season 2 of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series on Fight Pass, former NFL All Pro Hardy blasted out fellow NFL vet Austen Lane. Chris Curtis put on a striking clinic against Sean Lally, Kevin Holland had a decent showing against Will Santiago, Montel Jackson had a good and bad run against Rico DiSciullo and Alonzo Menifield made quick work of Dashawn Boatright.

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  1. Hardy is one pound away from the heavy weight limit. He can kill most of us males with his bare hands. He put those hands on a women. Hoping he dies in a car wreck before he gets his shot in the big show.

  2. I'm a good representative for your typical meathead MMA fan and we really don't care if fighters are on the shortlist for Samaritan of the year. We want absolute beasts throwing bungalows or squeezing necks off for the most part. With a dash of style and technique at times. Aside from being a rapist or pedo, anyone who fulfils the prior criteria is welcome

  3. Hopefully Donk Donkerson or Rick Rickerson get a UFC contract this year on the Contender Series.

  4. You know it's funny Luke I never even thought about that once, until you just mentioned something about it and that's how it's supposed to be…. It's not really supposed to matter…

  5. There was one hair on your beard below your chin that I noticed 7 minutes in. Super distracting. Good video would watch again.

  6. Greg hardy vs cm punk (not sure about weight classes but make it happen)

  7. I mean Rogan’s commentating sucks dick now. He gives no specificity other than pointing out who’s an explosive genetic freak with fast twitch muscle fibers.

  8. 24 Frames per second is GOLD. 60 FPS looks like garbage in most videos. Somehow your video looks great. You've got a hell of a camera. Sony A7?

  9. I think Sean Shelby should offer Colby up to Darren Till.. No respect just carnage. It would bring out the best in Darren… ✌️

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