UFC 225 Whittaker vs Romero 2 BREAKDOWN | Ep. 82 Podcast | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Brendan breaks down/makes picks for UFC 225 Whittaker vs Romero 2 and talks breaking MMA & boxing events/news, Charlo vs Trout, Yair Rodriguez back in the UFC, Andrea Lee’s coach/husband with Nazi tattoos, cancelled fight due to chapped lips, bare knuckle boxing, Lebron James’ fashion, Kanye’s album art Kratom and much more.

BELOW THE BELT explores the intersection of combat sports and pop culture through the eyes of former fighter, comedian and red carpet host Brendan Schaub. The program discusses the latest news in combat sports and pop culture, with Schaub delivering candid thoughts in his unique and unfiltered style. Below the Belt features interviews with the biggest names in combat sports and entertainment, road trips, fight camp visits, sketches, animation and pop-culture spoofs.


  1. Still trying to figure out who claudia gadaisha , rose namanunes and joanna jajuncheck are . Ne 1 kno? Haha

  2. Not sure how you could pick overeem over blaydes right now. Curtis blaydes can take shots, has been in there with the hardest hitting heavyweights, and can wrestle his ass off. Blaydes by decision is the easy choice

  3. Brendan sleeping on the Ricardo lamas Mirsad bektic fight, can easily see Mirsad with the upset or a back and forth war

  4. Hi Brendan, please change the chair with a larger one, this one looks like its made for childrens… best of luck .

  5. kanye paid photo from whitney houstons sis thats the crack den at whitneys crib

  6. chin you silly bastard, that was NOTORIOUS NICK NEWELL that commented on Bec's pic, not Conor hahahaha

  7. you are a boring mofo…. just go away… a nobody thinking they are somebody… an idiot who thinks he is smart… a joke!!

  8. I've taken kratom every day for 8 weeks. Its pretty easy to stop but when you're actually in pain it's much easier to take this instead of bullshit opiates. It's hard to form a habit really because you get really sick and will vomit if you take too much. But everyone is different. You can form a habit with just about anything so you can't just generalize something saying it's habit forming.

  9. Rashad Evans throws more fakes in 1 round than Till and Thompson do in 5 rounds combined.

  10. Damn man I really tried to like this show, but it's oversaturated with you ben, no offense man I love ya on Joe Rogan when you have something to add to the conversation, but like a whole hour and some change of just you is too much of a good thing

  11. Fuck E, Brendan needs to produce it with him being the control. Talk to Joe Rogan and see if you want to give up control.

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