UFC 225 Results: Robert Whittaker vs. Yoel Romero 2 | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

At UFC 225, Robert Whittaker and Yoel Romero fought in the main event in a middleweight title contest.


In the co-main event, Colby Covington and Rafael dos Anjos ….. Elsewhere on the card, Holly Holm showed amazing improvement as a fighter against Megan Anderson. Tai Tuivasa and Andrei Arlovski fought to a very close decision, Mike Jackson dominated CM Punk and more. This is the UFC 225 post-fight special.

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  1. I thought it was a draw if not Yoel's decision but nonetheless amazing fight!!

  2. I’d like Thomas retarded? He thought the RDA was clouds and could have been scored a win for RDA? How? Colby literally dominated and controlled 90% of the fight.

    Luke Thomas is an idiot.

  3. Luke Thomas is a butt her SJW pussy!!!!!!! Hail king Colby!!!!
    Jon Jones cheats on his wife and uses steroids.

  4. hey luke I know its not really what u do but im really appreciating how your sett up is coming along id love a set up tour

  5. Meghan Anderson is the female Struve… such a disappointing performance. Similar to Struve, she has those long arms and doesn't seem to know how to throw a jab to setup her shots. It's really sad to see someone like her who's huge and strong yet with no killer instinct. Nevertheless, Holly Holm was impressive but her ground game still isn't good enough to beat either Cyborg or Nunes. Holly really needs to add more variety to her standup before facing either of them.

  6. I think half of Colby's persona is a little like Luke's. Not the anti Brazil stuff, but the donk & dorks stuff, movie/music/sport rants I see similarities. Not as opposite as he thinks.

  7. If Yoel would have won it would of been awkward for the middleweight rankings and Bobby Knucks. I wonder if the judges had that in mind when they didn't give the win to Romero.

  8. embarrassing judging. As usual. They really gotta fucking do something about that, it's at the point where it's literally ruining the sport. Try something. Add more judges. Do open scoring. Refusing to try anything new in this area is just a joke…

  9. Romero's low fighting IQ cost him the fight, he had Robert hurt many times and would resort to wrestling many times. Whittaker did a great job, excellent jabs and left hooks. His kicks were on point too.

  10. Bobby Knuckles won it fair. If Romero didn’t wait until the last minute of the fourth to do something then he would’ve edged for sure. 3rd Round Yoel rocked him and dropped him, but Robert was able to fight back. I think it was the round where he got off good elbows and a high kick. Still lost the round but a 10-9. 5th round I could see a 10-8 but the judges probably were scared to give one, and Robert was still showing signs of fighting just intelligently enough to score 10-9.

  11. Romero habria ganado si pensaria mas. Es un peleador muy bruto, podria a ver knockeado al Robert si cuando lo lastimaba tenia mas paciencia. En vez de eso empezaba con la lucha, una pena.

  12. Yoel probably won. But missing weight is cheating. and he did it twice in a row now. 185 division can finally move on from yoel now. What if yoel won… then he missed weight again?? you can't have that.

  13. Colby did not win that fight. period. leaning against the fence should not score anything.

  14. Looks like Romero fans are going to give the Wonderboy people a run for their money when it comes to butthurt.

    It was a close fight, Yoel lost. Get over it!

  15. Welterweight division is dead to me now. Now can't go nowhere without that prick name and every move being reported. Looks like I just have to forget the welterweight division. Until either he dies or loses

  16. What are you talking about? I thought Colby clearly won that fight. I had it 4-1 for Colby and 1 of those rounds I gave to Colby could have gone either way but I slightly gave it to him. And if I didn't that would still make it 3-2 for Colby. He didn't out class RDA in anyway but I thought he clearly won.

  17. I thought bobby whit jacked up his right knee tonight.

    They need to to clarify some of these rules. At times it seems like volume is more important and at other times it seems like significant strikes are more important. I understand to a degree if it's a low output round. I cannot stress enough if you throw 13 more punches than me that are not significant strikes but I'll land three significant strikes and they almost end the fight how did i not win that round.

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