Tim Horton’s Coffee and much more – Ask me anything 20 – Coach Zahabi


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    I cover the reverse De Le Riva "Lock down" position, how to avoid getting smashed passed, create elevation and flow into leg locks. Hope you all enjoy!

  2. Tim Horton must be different in Canada. The fight he mentioned was definitely fixed and there are multiple in Japan that were clearly fixed

  3. I feel like everyone's underrating Cormier's striking he's got the better of Gus and Jones he's nasty with his dirty boxing

  4. Josh Barnett put together that team grappling event called "Quintet" which is AWESOME. It pitted 4 teams with 5 grapplers on each team. It was BJJ, Catch Wrestling, Judo and Sambo teams. Sambo was completely blown out and Catch lost to BJJ of course. I suspect Barnett put the event together to promote CW. He couldn't even score a takedown on a much smaller opponent though. The two are very similar but Catch involves "douche bag" moves like grinding the elbows in the ribs and such. BJJ is still king though.

  5. Tim Hortons sucks, it was good but they sold that to McDonald's. Best coffee chain I know of in Canada is Bridgehead.

  6. Catch wrestling is more focused on rides than bjj. It also is about making each position more painful and they like to use "strong man" moves like neck cranks and chest compressors etc. Other than that it's pretty much bjj with a really rude top game

  7. Firas, finally be the guy who can decide once and for all who would win Mcregor or The Mountain? 😀

  8. Last week I went to Montreal with the plan to train at Tristar, but broke my thumb grappling a few days before. Instead I just checked out the city and enjoyed Tim Hortons coffee.

  9. The only thing you have that is completely yours is yourself. Nobody can do anything to you, without asking, if you do so that is wrong. So any physical action against another person is objectively wrong. My opinion ofc.

  10. Thank you for doing these videos. You must have a very busy schedule, but you are bringing value to many people for free. Just know your time is appreciated by all

  11. Emotional sensitivity and empathy is a strength, not a weakness. There is a reason why it occupies space in your pre-frontal lobe, it is one of the most important high level brain functions, along with logic, reasoning, and impulse control. It is the last part of the brain to fully develop, because of its significance. I feel that you are doing yourself a disservice by stifling your growth on behalf of your ego.
    There are many examples of people who have suffered either damage or a lack of development of that part of the brain, they become sociopathic or narcissistic.

  12. Regarding the moral relativism vs moral objectivity issue, I can sense that your "I will praise you if you can find one example of something that is objectively moral or immoral" statement is, for the most part, rhetorical, but I find this discussion to be very interesting and thought I would contribute anyway. The moment you mentioned this topic a particular book and author to came my mind: The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris poses the argument for moral objectivity. Harris makes an argument for moral objectivity that I personally found to be compelling, if not at least worthy of considering. I am not claiming that his book is the perfect champion to put up against your challenge as finding something that is perfectly objectively moral or immoral, because within the book Harris has to make definitions, boundaries, caveats, limitations, and qualifiers. In other words, he did have to “draw lines in the sand” that were man-made and, hence, imperfect.

    For Sam Harris or others who have read the book, please forgive my imperfect summary as it has been a little while since having read it, but there are two primary ideas that stuck out to me: 1. The primary boundary he uses to define morality is with regard to the wellbeing of beings; 2. Morality exists on a spectrum, i.e. shades of grey as you have said. A very simple, but memorable example for me, was something about, at some time in history, a group of people put cats in a sack of some kind, set it on fire, and threw or thrashed the sack about as a form of entertainment. While the people may have derived some pleasure from this activity, this was no doubt at the cost of the wellbeing of the cats. It would take some serious mental twisting to make the argument that the cats were somehow better off being tortured in this manner, than not being tortured. Using wellbeing as our metric, this act is a more immoral, rather than moral, treatment of cats.

    Again, not a perfect answer to your challenge, but I recommend the book to anyone who finds this topic interesting. Thanks for taking the time to read my response! I really enjoy your channel and appreciate your content.

  13. Coach you stated that there cannot be a logical argument or reason that points to objective moral truth, only god can. Here you are begging the question. Why do you assume there is a god in the first place? Why do you assume if there is a god it has to be the grounding for moral truth? How do you know it isn't a lying evil god? Also, how do you know there is objective morality in the first place? Kant argued for objective morality in his categorical imperative. Derek Parfait from Oxford also argued "we can and do know moral truths but not because moral judgments describe some fact. Indeed, moral judgments do not describe anything in the external world, nor do they refer to our own feelings. There are no mystical moral or normative entities."

    Appealing to a god does not answer the question of objective truth at all.

  14. In Catch wrestling you win by pin or submission. Catch wrestling is usually no holds barred, all submissions are legal- although some CACC competitions ban certain strangle holds. Either way, you'll see a greater emphasis on neck cranks and leg locks than you usually see in BJJ. Because you can win via pin in Catch Wrestling, the "guard" has a whole different set of priorities (eg: get off your back) because of that, CACC tends to be a much more tiring sport than BJJ since the rules force the grapplers to move more.

  15. I don't know too much about Catch Wrestling, but there's a guy called Curren Jacobs who is souly a catch as catch can guy. I think he's got NCAA freestyle wrestling credentials too (not sure here). I don't think he's entertained by the idea of going into BJJ/ submission only matches thou. He mainly wrestles/catch wrestling, and MMA. He beat Travis Newaza a while back in a catch wrestling comp. Also He's got some beef with Josh Barnett which will get squashed soon as both of them will meet in a elimination catch tournament this year. He might get smoked in some bjj/ submission only tournaments, but I'd like to see more bjj guys challenge him in catch wrestling. I think he's mates with Randy Couture.

  16. tim hortons was great at one time but depending on where you live you're subject to the work habits of failures at the game of life. i live close enough to an industrial city that 8 out of 10 tim horton employees are bitter losers. the coffee is luke warm and burnt tasting. of course thats because the professors who work there either cant understand the concept of cleanliness of they're just folks who cant deal with the fact that they have a "would you like fries with that" occupation of which they naturally feel under-paid and therefore feel its their responsibility to do their part to tank the business. probably doesnt help that i drive a car thats worth more than 2 years of salary for the poor bastards, but the other adorable thing they do is give you a coffee thats filled to the point where its guaranteed to spill on your clothes when you open it. obviously/sadly i only go there anymore unless i have no other option. and the best coffee is by far is Mcdonalds. i wouldnt eat a french fry from them but their coffee is the best. they probably sell more coffee than big macs these days. they have the arabica bean coffee which is simply far superior to the garbage they use at tim hortons.

  17. Canadian here, Tim Hortons is awful. For those visiting my country, please do not drink it. It tastes like someone threw an ashtray into your cup.

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