The Truth About UFC’s Early Weigh-Ins | Luke Thomas

UFC President Dana White told the UFC Unfiltered podcast he was looking to get rid of early weigh-ins because of how many weight cut failures and fight cancellations the new policy caused. In this clip from my radio show, I explain why the early weigh-ins may or may not be the problem, but without additional information, it’s actually hard to know what is a good idea.

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  1. Get rid of it. It's not good for the fighters.

  2. Make them weigh in day of the fight an hour before. Don't make weight and you don't get paid and no title fights at catch weight.

  3. Most fighters seem to be in favor of early weights due to their ability to rehydrate faster and it’s a shame that they don’t have a collective bargaining agreement to affect the decision making.

  4. Luke you are the best I knew your were going to weigh in on the conversation of UFC fighters making weight. Luke you are correct bro.

  5. Luke Thomas,

    Your opinion has never been substantiated. You have never been in an MMA fight. You have never been punched in the face by a man trying to knock your head off. I volunteer to be the first man to punch you in your SJW head.


    Jon Jones

  6. If fighters are missing weight, they are in the wrong weight class. I don’t mind the current regime. It allows fighters more chance to rehydrate their brain, hopefully minimising brain damage.

  7. Why can't they just let each fighter choose when to weigh in? Some clearly like doing it early and some clearly like it later, I don't get it.

  8. Late weigh in are entertaining because the drama is more real in the weigh ins before a scene when fighters are edgy and malnurished

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