The Nazi Tattoo Controversy in MMA | Luke Thomas

UFC fighter Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee’s husband was shown to have two Nazi tattoos. The fighter accused critics of being ‘sensitive’ and the husband defended his decision to not get tattoos removed or covered. In this clip from my radio show, I explain why MMA media is tired of covering stories like this.

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  1. I don't care about this at all past the simple fact that our grandparents and great-grandparents died fighting those Kraut fucks. Let's keep that in perspective.

  2. Keep uploading these clips Luke! It might seem like extra work but your channel is really growing!

    Keep up the great work

  3. There is only ONE race that has physically and violently oppressed other races in this country! Just one. And it isn't the indians, Asians, hispanic or black.

  4. So are the tattoos still an issue because people just don't believe him when he says he isn't a racist? Why isn't that enough to end the controversy?

  5. Nazism is dead. Most of the principles and values and practices defining Nazism are illegal in most countries nowadays. Saying you support Nazism is like saying you support slavery. You can't "support" something that is dead.

    Talking about Nazism nowadays is irrelevant. Let's say if the guy totally believes in Nazi values (which can not be inferred AT ALL from a tattoo), there is still nothing he can do about it. Any effort on the revival of Nazism is so far out of the realm of possibility that it's not worth discussing at the moment. Individually, Nazi tattoos are as harmless as a kitty's tattoo.

  6. So the PC police got here too? How is this controversial? Are they going to kick her out because of her husband's tattoos?

  7. The quality is outstanding! Luke please answer – what's the camera used for the videos in this studio?

  8. luke dont lie, you like talking about this!!.. and how many times has this happened? you act like all mma fighters are nazis!! lol wtf. like you said getting a tat in prison is no big deal.

  9. I know Andrea, and I hate this for her. She's a great person with a heart of gold, and she's having to deal with this when she isn't a racist nor does she have racist tattoos. She was just having a fun day and wanted to share some pics with everyone without thinking twice.

  10. He doesn't fight, he sleeps with someone who fights, how is this even remotely close to MMA news?

  11. If it was done in prison, then I’m open to hearing his reasoning. It’s prison rules and another world most of us will thankfully never know. If it was done in his personal life pre-prison, then it’s a harder sell but I’m still willing to listen to a narrative about change and “redemption”. Andrea Lee responded poorly and it simply didn’t help. Bottom-line, cover it the fuck up and truly put it in your past. Or, be prepared to defend/explain your Nazi tattoos every time you post pictures of them on social media for millions to see. What if she became the champion? Far too late to get in front of this but, for fucks sake, move quickly to mitigate the damage and blacken it the fuck out if you have to.

  12. These types of thing keep coming up? I have been watching MMA for three years and this is the first time I see Nazi and MMA in the same sentence. Am I missing anything? If it is frequent that's fucked up

  13. WHITE PRIDE tatted across a white mans chest and everyone would call him racist

    BROWN PRIDE across cain valazquezs champ, NOT RACIST!?????

    See the double standard.

  14. If Kahbib or Belal Muhammad had Isis tattoos everyone would lose there shit.

  15. I am shocked to find out white prison gangs exist. I thought only blacks and Mexicans did that.

  16. My problem is that if he truly has changed, but doesn't want to cover them up because it will look worse is bogus. If you truly have changed a blacking them out would look better. You just don't want to get rid of them.

  17. Angela yee is a fighter. Whos her man ? Who cares what he has ? Also if someone put “white pride” people would go insane but “brown pride” no one cares. Just deal with it.

  18. Yeah, ya cover them up. Some tattoo artists will cover any kind of gang/white supremacist tattoo for fuckin free. Thats on him.

  19. I'm totally okay with kicking nazis out of the UFC.

    Feel like this shouldn't be controversial, but this is YouTube.

  20. Doesn't C.M Punks opponent have Black Power tattooed on his chest? Why is no one talking about that?

  21. Nazis tried to save western civilization. Holocaust is largely false. And Jews run every institution in white countries. 88! Love u luke

  22. If the dude has changed his life isn't about that stuff anymore, and is remorseful, than it's nobodies business. Simple as that. Everyone makes mistakes, no matter how different they are. And who gives a crap anyways lol.

  23. Most White Supremacists like to buy guns and train in MMA because they think there's going to be an inevitable race war.
    It's sad because they live in such a bubble they don't see that it's never going to happen.

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