The Nazi Tattoo Controversy in MMA | Luke Thomas

UFC fighter Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee’s husband was shown to have two Nazi tattoos. The fighter accused critics of being ‘sensitive’ and the husband defended his decision to not get tattoos removed or covered. In this clip from my radio show, I explain why MMA media is tired of covering stories like this.

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  1. Most White Supremacists like to buy guns and train in MMA because they think there's going to be an inevitable race war.
    It's sad because they live in such a bubble they don't see that it's never going to happen.

  2. If the dude has changed his life isn't about that stuff anymore, and is remorseful, than it's nobodies business. Simple as that. Everyone makes mistakes, no matter how different they are. And who gives a crap anyways lol.

  3. Nazis tried to save western civilization. Holocaust is largely false. And Jews run every institution in white countries. 88! Love u luke

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