The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 372


  1. Brendan has the greatest version of CTE. dude went from 17 to 21 to 25 to 7.

    big dumb shfuck is going to live forever.

  2. Welcome to the Bryan Callen and over opinionated friend of Joe Rogan who owes Joe EVERY PENNY and is not as funny as Will Sasso, not even cclos show… Clearly bias and hates Will because he's jealous and faked it until you made it! Im not hating but… But Bro besides you only being correct 20% of the time in MMA, I was a fan but you've twisted your huge head SOOOOO far up your own ass that you've become more annoying than entertaining… Yes this is my opinion but one day dude I promise you will hit a huge LOW. Save your money buddy because let's be honest, you're not famous because because of your own substance. You need sleep, bud. I know you know what Im saying is real. I'll respect you again when you're rehumbled… You were awsome without this new ego of yours. When you were nervous and learning you had substance but you've over done it and because overly confident from the compliments. There's not hate here… I just hope you dont fall as hard as your ego has grown.. Best wishes, big guy. Just remember where you were a year ago…Becauae all my friends have quit listening…Many people cringe. Many people wish you the best, but even more people say, "Fuck that guy."

  3. Bryans crazy guys story with the 2×4 attacking girls and him saving them was a construction worker asking for directions.

  4. Brendan thinks he knows fashion ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Brazil's the best team ever assembled??? Loool brendan doesn't know shit about footy

  6. Brandon Schaub is the kind of guy who wants Bryan to pretend to sleep in the car so he can fondle,I mean carry him inside!

  7. Brendan "jusht realishzed that the podcasht is muchsh muchsh MUCH better without me" Rogan jr.

  8. This podcast has really fell off big time. Last week with Callen and his two guest was so much better.

  9. the moment Bryan tried to remember the hound of hell crap i had to leave. Id rather watch ninja on twitch then this crap

  10. When the UFC focused on money fights they made the belts irrelevant which killed the sport for everyone. Title fights are meaningless now. They did it to themselves.

  11. Think they were completely wrong on the CTE story. Flawed reasoning

  12. Brazilโ€™s team isnโ€™t best ever assembled get t fuck๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. How many Korean dudes are getting their di*ks sucked by Mexican girls right now?

  14. Brendan Schaub is a Wanker!!! The Fighter and the kid is a weak podcast now! its painful to watch don't know how Schaub is a stand up comedian or even on tv,

  15. How they both know that gunpowder was invented in China… But, neither know the name of a ,"garbage disposal"! WTF?

  16. How can Schaub say don't trust Eddie, but then in the next breath he's expecting us to believe his "source" and what he hears lol. Yes because Showtime are telling him the 100% truth.

  17. cringe listening to these two talking about football. real football not eggball

  18. Joe Jackson was the only dad who successfully beat the black out of a black person.

  19. Are we down a Kratom pill???

  20. Lmao Bryan already said slam in 17 seconds. You can see that tmp podcast from last week is still in him. But for Callen ya know sss'little about comedy

  21. NO Dont compare Don King to Eddie Hearn every UK fighter has nothing but good things to say about Hearn

  22. Hey Brendan, FOR SURE donโ€™t wear yellow socks and a black pant and a white tee and a blue denim sleeveless jacket or whatever the fuck that is..

  23. do 2 podcasts a week, one with Bryan and Will saso, and the one with Rat king and the bee sting.

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